Saturday, May 28, 2011

Liver Ultrasound

Yesterday we got the results of the liver ultrasound. Doctor Cook explained that it is difficult to compare an ultrasound image with a PET scan image, but from what they could tell, nothing in my liver has changed significantly. She said that what I'm feeling is certainly my liver since nothing else would have caused that kind of discomfort. Her best guess was that an existing lesion in my liver has grown just enough to cause trouble without being obviously bigger.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday. I had a very nice 37th birthday with several nice little surprises. Jon and I ended the day by going out to a vegetarian restaurant, and the meal was delicious.

We've been without online access for a little while, and before that I was spending a good bit of time each day feeling sick from the new treatment I'm doing. I'm currently taking an herbal therapy that has some significant side effects, but in the last week, I've felt like I'm adjusting more completely to this treatment. Anyway, I'm offering my excuses for not keeping you all more informed.

Although I've felt better with my current therapy in the last week, I've also begun to have steadily increasing discomfort in my liver area over the last week. An ultrasound has been scheduled for tomorrow morning, and we'll have the results on Friday when I return to the hospital for my regularly scheduled Zomeda treatment.