Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

Just thought you all might enjoy a review of my Thanksgiving dinner. Although I didn't have any treatments today, the center did provide a raw vegan meal for me. I'll list the items on the plate clockwise, starting at 1:00.

Mock mashed potatoes - blended cauliflower and macadamia nuts with mushroom "gravy" - so-so
Stuffing - I think this was a nut pate with regular stuffing seasonings - very good
Mock Turkey - not sure what this was made from - maybe mung bean sprouts? - okay
Green Bean Casserole - made from broccoli stalks and onions - very, very good
Cranberry relish - yummy, yummy
Waldorf salad - delicious
Dessert (not shown) - pumpkin pie with a nut crust, carob mouse pie - both were delicious!

My first experience with a vegan Thanksgiving meal was a very nice experience.

Hope you all enjoyed yours!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Week

I haven't had much access to the web in the past week, so I'm slow in letting you all know how much I appreciate all my anonymous friends out there. It's impossible to completely say how very much we're thankful for what you're making possible. The folks here at the center have already been impressed with the kind of support they have seen us receiving. I hope it will be a reflection on the kind of God we serve.

I've had a full week's worth of treatments now, and so far so good. Saturday's treatment was with Zomeda - a drug to attack the bone cancer - and it made me feel pretty uncomfortably flu-ish for about 24 hours. None of the other treatments have caused serious discomfort. The chemotherapy is administered after insulin has been used to drop my blood sugar, so I get a mighty blood sugar ride. It's not exactly pleasant, but it's all worth it because I get to eat dessert after the treatment to bring my blood sugar back to normal. I haven't eaten sweets for months now, so that's a real special treat. (Even healthy desserts are limited to after chemo treatments.) And those desserts are made from entirely raw vegan ingredients. You would never have known the difference between the almond fudge I had on Thursday and normal fudge. Today I had coconut-almond macaroons which I also loved. It's absolutely amazing what the chefs here do with raw veggies, seed sprouts, and nuts. I'm certainly not suffering. I will be providing many of my own meals beginning next week, since, although the food is delicious, it is also very pricey. Because I've been eating raw food since late July, I feel prepared to handle my own food needs. I sure am excited to try making nut cheese on my own. We did that in "cooking" class this week and the result was very similar to feta cheese. And I had thought I would never be able to eat cheese again.

Last week I have had 4 Vitamin C IV treatments, 1 infrared sauna treatment, one oxygen treatment, 1 chemo treatment (called IPT therapy), 1 Zomeda treatment, 1 specialty massage (too intense to be a pleasure massage), 1 treatment I would rather not go into detail about (a good one - but you'll just have to guess what it is), exercise classes, food preparation classes, several consults with the head nurse to educate me on the oral vitamin therapies, and a 3-hour consultation with the doctor in charge, Dr. Lodi. Last week was light since I didn't check in until Tuesday afternoon and since it was my first week. Next week, several of the therapies I listed will be doubled (not the vitamin C and thankfully, not the Zomeda which will only be given once a month), and several others will be added.

I've gotten to know many of the other 20 or so patients. What a diverse group! I haven't found two from the same state yet, and several are from other countries. Today I learned from another patient that all the patients who are currently involved in treatment and have reached their 5-to-6-week mark have received good news from their mid-point PET scans. The extent of the good news varies from person to person, but all are evidently doing better than standard medicine had predicted. What an encouragement!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Website and fund raising...

This is Amy's sister in law, Amy C Bixby :) As we share names, I have given myself permission to "highjack" Amy's blog just long enough to share with you, who are following this blog and offering prayer support to Amy, the new tools that are available for staying updated and knowing how you can help.

Amy's friends and family members have started a fundraiser to help meet the staggering financial needs that Jon and Amy are facing. We have also started a website which we will update with specific prayer needs (as seen by those of us looking on) and other bits of news.

Please click HERE to be directed to the website.

Thank you to all of you for your overwhelming support and generosity.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wonderful Doctor

We met with my oncologist today to find out how much she is willing to support alternative treatment. She was very supportive of our decision to try another type of treatment, and said she would do whatever she can to move this treatment option along. I won't go into all the details here on the blog, but just know that I sure am thankful for an open-minded doctor.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Treatment Options

We have looked at dozens of websites, read dozens of articles, made dozens of phone calls as we've been researching treatment options. The treatment center in Loveland, Colorado does not offer any more cancer treatment cycles until January, so we've ruled out that center. A treatment center near Phoenix, Arizona seems to offer a very wide and encouraging range of treatments. They offer therapies that have been successfully used in Germany as well as other alternative therapies. I'm meeting with my oncologist tomorrow to find out to what extent she is willing to work with the doctors at this center. The treatment would require about an 8 week stay, and like I said before, many details need to fall into place for this option to work for us. Some of those details are already beginning to come together.

We would appreciate your prayers. We know that God already has this all mapped out for us, and we trust him to show us his way. If this isn't part of his plan, we don't want it.