Monday, June 20, 2011


I haven't been feeling as well lately. Most days I have periods of nausea, and I've been losing weight again. (I had been steadily gaining since the end of my fast in Phoenix.) I have my monthly appointment with the oncologist next week, so maybe we'll find out what's going on then. The herbal treatment I'm receiving has some significant side effects like lowering blood pressure and blood sugar. Mine tend to be on the low side of normal anyway, so I've been wondering if I'm feeling bad because of having blood sugar and pressure that's too low. We're going to try to monitor those levels routinely.

Meanwhile, while we hope for healing, I realize that's probably not what's happening. As I've watched this year's beautiful spring time I've enjoyed imagining what this would look like if it were all truly perfect. And I have such an anticipations about what God has prepared for His children. I feel like I've been given the most incredible travel package, but my family won't be able to join me yet. I feel a little bad for not being more hesitant to begin my eternity.

I have broadened my diet somewhat. When I began to have a harder time eating, I started eating what appealed to me if I was hungry - which I wasn't a lot. The green juice began making me nauseated, so I've taken a break from that.

Although this summer has not been the smooth sailing I would have asked for, we have been having a good time. I sat down last week with the summer's schedule and the master calendar. Cancer doesn't stop swimming, soccer, art or piano lessons, dentists, orthodontists, pediatricians, employers, youth groups, or libraries. And the kids are involved in it all. I'm glad their lives are rolling along - it's a pleasure to watch them grow. In July, we may be able to enjoy a special week in the mountains, and I'm really looking forward to that possibility.