Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

Just thought you all might enjoy a review of my Thanksgiving dinner. Although I didn't have any treatments today, the center did provide a raw vegan meal for me. I'll list the items on the plate clockwise, starting at 1:00.

Mock mashed potatoes - blended cauliflower and macadamia nuts with mushroom "gravy" - so-so
Stuffing - I think this was a nut pate with regular stuffing seasonings - very good
Mock Turkey - not sure what this was made from - maybe mung bean sprouts? - okay
Green Bean Casserole - made from broccoli stalks and onions - very, very good
Cranberry relish - yummy, yummy
Waldorf salad - delicious
Dessert (not shown) - pumpkin pie with a nut crust, carob mouse pie - both were delicious!

My first experience with a vegan Thanksgiving meal was a very nice experience.

Hope you all enjoyed yours!


Siberians said...

Hmmm. Yummy. Well, I actually WOULD like to try it but my dinner was also very good. I am guessing that was at U.Bacilio and A.Eunice's house???? So glad you could spend the day with them. We had a great gathering with the Americans here (of course, we would rather be with our own family). I guess you don't have internet where you are staying.?
Please give everyone our love and tell the kiddos that their cousins send their greeting and their love as well. Praying, praying...

Cynthia said...

I love seeing (and reading about) your Thanksgiving meal. We got together with a fellow American missionary nearby and three American exchange students that he discovered in his city. :) It was quite a fun experience! We love you and are praying for you!

Cousin Cynthia

Rachel in VA said...

Loved seeing the picture of and hearing about your Thanksgiving meal. I would have loved to have tried each of the items. Did the Green Bean Casserole have green beans in it at all, or just the broccoli stalks and onion? You are one intelligent and neat lady, girl. :)
Love, Aunt Rachel

Cakes by Suzy said...

Wow congrats on a good dinner! I think its amazing how they can do all that with a raw vegan diet. I love cooking and stuff and I think that's neat. Sounds like alot of work! Glad you enjoyed the dinner.

Anonymous said...

I love your placemat!!

Donna said...

Not sure I'm ready to say it sounds yummy, but... :) Glad you enjoyed it and so thankful the family is nearby!

Ken and Vicki in Japan said...

Quite a meal...very interesting subs! why couldn't it be real green beans? Because you can't eat them raw?
God provided in a special way by having a church give us our turkeys and hams this year (we host a 35 member missionary gathering here) and that was such a blessing because they run over a $100 a piece!
We keep praying for you and your family members!! Lord bless!

Ed Franklin said...

Amy, I know I'm just one in the crowd who is praying for you (the "other Amy") can tell you a thing or two about me.....and explain how weird I am to say this--but I am hoping you'll get a chuckle from it.....

When I read about your dessert "carob mouse pie" I told my wife I was shocked to see "mouse" on the vegan diet....:)