Friday, October 2, 2009

Quick Update

Just wanted to let you all know that Gilead weighs 16 pounds, 2 ounces! He had an appointment yesterday, and is still doing just great.

I have an appointment for tests next Friday, October 10. Maybe I'll have news after that.

Thanks to all of you who donated to The Race for the Cure. You all donated more than $1000 on my behalf! I know other ladies will be appreciating your generosity.


Siberians said...

Thank you for letting us know. We are praying!

Anonymous said...

We are praying very much for all of you with those tests on Friday. Weren't those sermons yesterday precious? God's timing is perfect! :) We are praying!
Ruth Bustamante

Elaine Ellis said...

Just wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work for the Denver Komen Race for the Cure! Also, if you have pictures, we'd love to have you submit them to! Hope you enjoyed the Race (and congrats on Gilead!)

Donna said...

Praying for you for your appointments tomorrow and God's strength for today.
Love and prayers,

Bonnie said...

Praying without ceasing, Amy! Love you all!


David said...

I go to church with your sister-in-law, Amy (not to mention, she has been my midwife for all 4 of my home deliveries!), and our church family prays for you regularly. Just wanted you to know that you and your family are especially in our prayers today.
-Shannon Milligan

Anonymous said...

I am praying for both you and Jon now, as I think you are in your appointment. I pray you feel God's peace bringing you calm, no matter what the results of the tests. We love you! You are in good hands... God's.

Ruth Bustamante

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and the family. Waiting for those test results can be trying, but your demonstration of a faith in a powerful, healing God is a testimony to His work in your life. We love you and are trusting in His goodness for you and your family.
Candy Trygstad