Wednesday, June 9, 2010


...and the livin' is easy. Actually, we are finding ourselves just as busy as ever, just not with school work. (Yeehaw!) The weather has been beautiful here in Denver. A little hot on some days, but nothing like what you folks in the Southeast have regularly. I've felt well for the most part. The Tamoxifen that I'll be taking for another 4 1/2 years pulls some mean tricks on me sometimes, but I hope to adjust as time passes.

Meanwhile, life is going pretty smoothly. My topiary-hair continues to grow, but the newer growth is pretty straight. I figure the next time I get a hair cut, most of the curl will be gone. It still gets really bushy when the wind blows or when I don't use the right styling products. I'm trying to work up the humility to post a picture of a bad hair day for everyone's enjoyment. It would certainly make you laugh.

Gilead was dedicated to God on Mother's Day. (The pictures below are from that Sunday.) It's hard to believe that exactly a year before, we were in the hospital with an itty bitty little preemie, waiting to see if he would breathe sufficiently on his own, and wondering what kind of damage the chemotherapy had done to him. So far, he is doing remarkably well. His development has been normal and a pleasure for all of us to watch. He's trying to say words now. One of his favorites is "rum-rum". You'll have to imagine that with a little bit of a growl - it's the sound he makes when he's riding a toy with wheels or playing with cars. He has cute little efforts at words like "don't touch", "uh-oh", and "night-night". Having seven children doesn't make these little growing steps any less exciting. Recently, one of his favorite things to do has been to climb the stairs and throw Hotwheels through the railing to the wood floor below - not good for the cars or for the floor, but it makes a really cool noise. Anything that makes noise is exciting - vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, weed eater, hammers, noisy siblings, music. I'm glad he likes it because he's sure not going to get away from it.

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ChadnWendy said...

A miracle, nothing short of it is what you all are living proof of!