Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food Food Food

I guess it's time to let you know how I'm surviving the diet. I'm in my third month now, and although I can't claim to have been a perfect raw vegetarian, I've done reasonably well. It's true that my taste buds have begun to change, and I appreciate things that would have been disgustingly tasteless to me before. I had become too accustomed to my overuse of salt. I've been drinking about 12 ounces of freshly made spinach-romaine lettuce-carrot juice 3 times each day. Several of the symptoms that were associated with the Tamoxifen I take daily have now significantly diminished. I sleep much better, and my energy has recently surged. I'm glad to have visible results from this new way of eating. Otherwise, it would be very hard to stick to veggies, sprouts, and occasional salmon.

Sometime in the last month, I became very discouraged by not being able to anticipate my meals. It truly made me angry. After some time of feeling sorry for myself, and I remembered a Bible verse my mother quoted to me regularly when I was a child. I think I remembered it because I was quoting it to one of my children. Do all things without complaining and arguing - Philippians 2:14. That verse has taken on a new life for me and I've been trying to practice it.


Siberians said...

Good to hear how you are surviving these days. We still pray for you and think of you often. Give our greetings to the whole clan from our clan. God is good. Keep up the good fight! We love you. Jess (for all of us)

Suzy said...

Food really is hard to omit...after all, eating is such a pleasure that everyone looks forward to most of the time. I can't imagine how hard it must be on you. But I hope it helps you live many more healthy years to enjoy your family....and maybe in the future you'll be able to slip in a trip to DQ here and there. :-)

sandi said...

Amy, it was good to see you in Costco not to long ago. You looked so good and I thought you just had a glow about you. Now I know why. Raw livivg foods! I eat as much of this as I can. I can say I do feel a difference. I have much more energy and need less sleep! I mostly went to raw foods because I really wasn't happy with our FDA. How ever it did clear up some medical conditions I had been struggling with. I have heard people at conferences tell their story about beating cancer this way. God bless you as you let you food be your medicine and your medicine be your food! Praying for you and yours. Thinking of you all often! Sandi Humphrey