Sunday, February 20, 2011

Heading Home

Sunday, February 13 - Gilead gets throwing-up sick

Monday, February 14 - Internet service is discontinued in preparation to go home. Gilead is still throwing up.

Tuesday, February 15 - Get final blood test results. Tumor markers are 52. Can't post anything for those of you who are waiting for the results due to discontinued internet service. We consider delaying our trip home because Gilead is still occasionally throwing up and constantly being fussy.

Wednesday, February 16 - Gilead finally sleeps through the night and seems to be doing better, so we spend a marathon day packing up and finally pull out of the driveway at about 10:30 p.m. Gilead throws up again less than 3 minutes from our temporary home.

Thursday, February 17 - We arrive in Flagstaff, Arizona at about 1:30 a.m., our first planned stop, although we had planned to be here hours earlier. The check-in guy at the hotel upgrades our rooms to suites for free. Nice. After a good night's sleep we drive to the Grand Canyon for a day of awe-inspiring sights. Gilead fusses a lot, but doesn't throw up again. My legs are extremely sore, and I can't figure out why. Back at the hotel, everyone gets settled in our nice suites, and I begin running a hefty temperature. Now I know why my legs are sore.

Friday, February 18 - Gilead is still not himself and eats almost nothing, but he hasn't thrown up since Wednesday, so in spite of my feeling crumby, we decide to head to the Petrified Forest on the way to our next stop at the home of dear friends, who are so dear that they don't mind if we arrive bearing sickness. In fact they're so dear that they don't mind if I deliver a baby in their home. (Which, thankfully, I didn't do this time, in case you were wondering; but I did do it 6 years ago. Long story. Just know we hadn't planned it that way.) A contrary child notifies us right after we get on the highway that he had forgotten to go potty before we left, and now he has to go bad. So we stop for an unplanned potty break. Everyone gets back in the car, and just as Gilead is being buckled in he throws up. Back into Burger King for a bath in the sink. Jon washes out the car seat with bottled water and baby wipes, everyone gets back in the car, and we try again. Gilead throws up again in about 30 minutes. And again, and again, and again. We cancel all plans for extra stops and make a beeline for Dear Friends' who don't mind if we bring a child who is throwing up...we hope. (A throwing up child is a far cry from a squaling, newborn child.) Dear Friends are truly dear friends and welcome us travel worn folks with open arms and an invitation to stay until we are all better. Which we decide to do.

Saturday, February 19 - Sunday February 20 - So here we are at Dear Friends', and our children have decided that this is much better than the Petrified Forest. The Petrified Forest doesn't have cool games, videos, and good food just waiting for them. Since Gilead and I are now much improved, we plan to hit the road again Monday morning. We're thinking of bringing one member of Dear Friends' family with us since Gilead has become very attached to her.


Siberians said...

Oh, Amy, I'm so sorry. I hope you have made it home and are feeling better by now. I am sure that EVERY ONE will welcome the sight of their own "Home Sweet Home!" Everyone will probably sleep very well when they collapse in their own beds once again. Praying for much rest and renewed strength for all of you.

Alicia said...

Hilarious (looking back, of course). Sounds a lot like our Christmas vacation. So glad that Dear Friends were right where you needed them to be - and very dear indeed.

Suzy said...

Wow! There is NOTHING worse than a kid throwing up in the car, especially far from home. I hope you guys feel better soon....and get calm lives again, if possible!!!!

Donna said...

Oh, you poor guys. Praying for you. And that all is well for Gilead.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Amy! We've been praying for you all and your trip home but surely didn't have a clue that all this was happening. :( I'm glad you had a friend's place on the road home where you all could stop and recover a bit. I'm sure that getting home has it's own set of challenges, but we'll be praying for the Lord's help and strength in it all!

Love you guys,

Cousin Cynthia

Anonymous said...

May God bless you Amy. We are praying for you here in Maryland & for your husband and children & family. God is a God of miracles.
God bless you all,
Dee in Maryland