Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chemo #4

Today's treatment is finished. John Leland went with us so he could see how uneventful the process is. He was tickled to be given a sandwich and juice and plenty of candy.

My red blood cell count was still low, but not low enough to postpone the chemo. The doctor did say I would probably need a blood transfusion during this cycle, since the counts are likely to drop lower than they did last time. I'm hoping not, but time will tell.

I will be having a echo cardiogram and a CT scan sometime in the next ten days to help determine if I should have those extra rounds of chemo. The echo cardiogram is because I had "cardiac symptoms" with the anemia during the last round. They want to make sure my heart is up to more chemo. The CT scan is to see if the cancer has spread anywhere else.

The next three weeks will be full of visits to different offices. I don't have the dates for several of those appointments yet, but I'll try to post them when we find out and the news that follows.


The "other" Amy said...

Hey Amy.... Have you tried this one yet?

We had a mom whom we risked out of our practice because her Hgb was 6.7 at 36 weeks!!! Our Perinatologist wrote her all kinds of prescripts which she promptly ignored, and did blood builder. Within 2 weeks it was up, and he sent her back to us for a beautiful home birth.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy,
Hello from Texas! We are glad to have our computer back up and running after our move so we can keep up with you. We're still praying daily for you- each of you. Hang in there! Our faithful, loving God has a wonderful plan in this. Let us know if and how we can help. Love you lots, Stephanie and Mike and family

Anonymous said...

Amy,thank you again for the update on how you are doing. You are in my prayers, as is your entire family. I love you all! Aunt Sarah

Siberians said...

Thank you for keeping the updates coming, even though it is probably a lot of work for you. It is nice to keep informed so that we can know how best to pray for you and the family. We are still praying and the church also prays faithfully for you every service! Waiting- with confidence that God will receive all the glory from the outcome of these next visits. His plan is no less than perfect and we wait to see what that plan is. Meanwhile, we will continue to pray that our responses will also help in the process of bringing honor to our God. All our love. Jessica for the Jones clan

Uncle Bob said...

Thank you for keeping us up to date. We check the blog often. Our yp ask about you all the time, as do the older ones. Our 85 yr old Roman Catholic neighbor asks constantly about you. She reads English, and sometimes we let her read the blog. She is puzzled - aghast at the problem - bewildered by the Christ-honoring responses she reads and senses. Love you. Uncle Bob