Saturday, February 7, 2009

We had another high risk OB visit this week. The little guy is still doing well - still slightly ahead in his growth and everything seems to be developing properly. The ultrasounds at the high risk OB's office are fun. The images are so clear. It's hard to believe this pregnancy only has about 10 weeks left. Most of my others have gone 42 weeks.

Tests checking on the chemo's effect on the blood cells are scheduled for Monday. This month has gone pretty well so far - no mouth sores so far, and a couple other side effects I've had before haven't happened either. I haven't felt as well over all - very little energy. I've been spending a lot of extra time in bed and sometimes have trouble breathing. The doctors say that's normal considering both the pregnancy and the chemotherapy.

The OB and oncologist are still trying to come to a compromise about the delivery date. Maybe some of those questions will be answered or at least investigated further at Monday's appointments.

Jon has been home quite a bit this week working on tax stuff. I'm so thankful for him. He's taken care of the kids a whole lot and I've had lots of chance to rest. We are surrounded by friends who have made life so much easier for us than it might have been right now. Thanks to all of you for the meals, laundry, cleaning, help with the kids, and encouragement.


Anonymous said...

Amy, I am glad to hear your little one is doing well, and glad that some of the side effects of the chemo are missing this time. It is hard for mothers to rest even when they need to, and I am thankful that you have so many friends helping you and Jon, so that you can get some rest. You are in my prayers. I love you! Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going along as well as they can at this point. We are still praying for you all,
Love, Bob & Sherry

Brandi said...

Although I haven't been around Jon alot just hearing the wonderful things you say about him and how he kept us updated on here when you weren't able... He just seems like a great hubby! Your so lucky in so many ways and the both of you are going to get to see what the new baby looks like really soon, so exciting! Just wish you guys lived closer. Keep concentrating on the good stuff and hopefully everything will keep looking up! Love you bunches

Donna said...

Amy, You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Praying for God's grace and strength. He is GOOD.

Rachel in VA said...

Amy, Love to you with prayers for you and family. Your mama tells me that you are anemic and that has affected your breathing. (I had forgotten that it affected my Jim that way too.) Praying you will breath easier now that they are treating it. You continue to be in thought and prayer.
Much love, Aunt Rachel xo :)