Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baby Plans

I've definitely been on vacation. No updates for more than three weeks. I'm feeling well since I haven't had any chemo for quite a while. I've been cleaning, organizing, giving the kids their achievement tests, doing taxes, even hit a garage sale and got a few items listed on eBay. I haven't taken a nap more than twice over the past three weeks.

Late last week we had another visit with the OB, and we were able to meet the neonatologist and tour the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I will be having steroid shots on May 7th and 8th and then, because of the OB's schedule and because of the schedule they try to observe after steroid shots, our little boy will be delivered on May 10 - Mother's Day. I didn't think they scheduled c-sections for the weekend, but it's a very special day to have this little guy be born.

Our visit with the neonatologist went really well. He was a gentle, grandfatherly man whose own son was born at 34 weeks. The NICU encourages a parent to be with the baby for 22 hours each day, fathers are encouraged to hold their babies, children are allowed to visit ("just don't bring the whole tribe at once" the neonatologist said), and grandparents are allowed to visit as much as they want. We enjoyed our tour immensely. Seeing the other little bitty babies was fun for me. Most people don't get to plan for a premature birth, but I'm glad we've been give a chance to prepare. I'm about as ready as possible, I think. We were told that the baby will be in the NICU for at least a week (best case scenario - no complications, very good growth). Any complications or concerns will extend his stay. I've spent a week in the NICU before, but the circumstances will be very different this time. I'm glad my parents have been able to work out the details to change their tickets and work arrangements. They will be here for two weeks to help.

The oncologist decided to resume chemo two weeks after the c-section instead of the normal four weeks. She's concerned because the longer the delay between treatments, the less effective they tend to be. The good thing is this - the sooner I begin again, the sooner I will be done. Based on the schedule I have right now, I'll be done with the chemo and radiation treatments about the end of August.


Anonymous said...

Amy, Thank you again for your very informative update. You are in my prayers. I love you. Aunt Sarah

Teresa Bowser said...

Praying for you, Amy. I was 45 when pregnant with my last one. He was born at 34 weeks, too,by emergency C-section and was in NICU for 12 days. Not bad considering how long some of those babies have to stay. Going home that first time for sleep and leaving him there was the hardest. But the nurses were great and I could call at any time and check on him. We were just glad to get him home.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to let you know that you are still in my thoughts and prayers. I wish we lived closer to each other so I could come and be a help to you. Thanks for keeping us all posted.

Tonya Highsmith Childress

Anonymous said...

Will share this with our SS class this morning if your Grandma doesn't have all the details. We pray for you regularly and are looking for miracles out there.

Donna said...

I'm sure that as time drags on you feel like you are forgotten, but please know that I pray for you daily. Lots of love.

Beka said...

We have gotten lots of laughs out of Jeremiah's comments that you called about! :) Thanks for sharing. The baby will also be coming on our first anniversary now. :) :) How special. We're praying for you, love you, and miss you all. Love, Beka for us both

Cynthia said...

Thanks for taking time to let us know how things are going. We love you and are praying for ALL of you and EVERYTHING that is going on! :)


Cousin Cynthia (for Joel, Morgan, Aydan, Daniella, and Abigail, too)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your update! We are so excited for you and your family, and praising God for all He has done in the past 6 months! We are praying very much for this next phase, that your little boy will be born healthy and strong, and that he will grow quickly and be ready to come home in a week! It is so good to see you at church feeling more like yourself! Enjoy these last days feeling him moving inside you! We all can't wait to hold him!
Ruth Bustamante

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy,
Thanks for the neat update. We remember the NICU so well! We will be back in Colorado about two weeks after your little one is born. We'll keep in touch and see what we can do to help you! Praying for you daily. Love, Stephanie for all the Smiths

Brandi said...

At least there is an end date. Your going to have the best mothers day every~ Can't wait to see pics of the new baby. Glad you are feeling better for the time being. Love you bunches.

Rachel in VA said...

I've not jotted a note in a while, but you do continue to be asked about at my church and to be prayed for by me and others here in Virginia. I am excited to hear about your little one's soon arrival. I am happy that things worked out for your mom & dad to come out there. Blessings to you, Jonathan, and the children -- with love. Aunt Rachel

Shannon said...

As you already know, you and your little one are in my daily prayers. What a blessing-on Mother's Day! Teresa will keep me posted and I look forward to seeing pictures of your sweet little one.
It encourages me to know that there is life after cheomotherapy! It sounds so wonderful to be able to get back into just doing normal things again (and taste normally again!). I found out this week that my tumor has shrunk to one-eighth of its original size! My last chemotherapy is May 14.
I will pray for you as you resume treatments. The joy of your little one will lift your spirits. The support of your family and friends will help you through this summer. And both of us will be back where the Lord has us in the fall, doing what he has given us to do, yet much stronger in our faith and trust in our Great God!
Love and prayers,

Donna said...

Less than a week away. You are in my prayers. Lots of love!