Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Update

Monday was the next-to-the-last visit with the high-risk OB. The ultrasound still showed a healthy and growing little boy, although he has lost all of his size advantage. He is now slightly smaller than average. That was expected because of the chemo, but I was disappointed to know that it actually happened. The doctors had hopes that he might actually be near 5 pounds at 34 weeks, but that looks unlikely now. His birth is still tentatively scheduled for May 11.

Next week we meet with the neonatologist and tour the neonatal intensive care unit. I'm looking forward to having my list of questions answered. If you could look at my list, you'd never guess I've already had six children. There are so many details about this situation that are new to me that I almost feel like an inexperienced mom again. And I'll probably act like one too.


Brandi said...

Are all the kids really excited yet with the birth of the baby nearly here? I know I would be, I begged my mom for years to have another one. Goodluck with all of the questions, hope everything goes wonderful.

Lynette DLM said...

I am praying for you.

Sumanth said...


You are the most wonderful family we ever met. Some times I feel upset on God, why does he allows such things happen to most wonderful people on earth. But one thing we want to assure you. We are with you in prayers.

Sumanth & Family

Jendi said...

Hang in there!
Check the appointment date...:)
and don't forget the list.
You can do it with God's help!

Suzy said...

Even without cancer/chemo, I think every baby gives rise to new questions and concerns! I know with my four, I would think I knew what I was doing but still ended up with plenty of questions and concerns each time! You'll be happy to have the baby in your arms, and out where he can be monitored closely. Still praying...

MSR said...

Hi Amy,
You are still on my daily prayer list. I TRY to pray daily for you!
WE have had the strep thing this year too! Ashlyn is having her tonsils removed on May 6. Please pray for her.
We had a good time at ABC's 20th anniversary last week.
Would love to make it to Colorado and stop and see you. So far we have no churches there. Maybe we could schedule one so we could stop and say hi. I've always wanted to see Colorado.
Nice Day!
Tina Rains
P.S. I met one of your school mates from Greenville up in Northern Wisconsin. What a change of weather she has experienced!

Sheri said...

We continue to pray for each of you daily and know that our loving Father has you all securely in His hands! Please give the children our love too!