Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thank you

The Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving, our pastor asked Jon to speak to our church family about our experiences over the past year. If you're interested in hearing what he had to say, click here. When you get to the page of audio files for Tri-City Baptist Church, select the file titled "PM Nov 25 2009 John Bixby Testimony". I did not speak that evening, but what Jon said is an accurate reflection of my heart too. The thanks that Jon extended to our church does not stop there. Many of you have supported us is different ways. We're thankful for all of you.


Siberians said...

Wow, Amy. I hardly know what to say. What a testimony. God has truly done a work in your lives. We listened to it this afternoon. I cried several times as I sat and listened to God's working in your lives and to His sustaining power, His love and care for you and Jon and the family. That was a powerful testimony. I wish that our church people all understood English. I would play it for everyone to hear! I love you guys and pray that God will continue the great work in your lives that He has begun and that it will continue to have far-reaching effects in the lives of many around the globe. GOD IS GOOD!
Your Sis-in-law, Jessica

Siberians said...

For some reason my comment is not showing up on the main blog but if I press "comments" it comes up as if it was published. I don't know if it is there or not, so....I will try again. If it shows up twice on yours...sorry.

Donna said...

Mom and Dad and I just finished listening to Jon. What a blessing. What a God we serve! A powerful testimony of God's grace. (And, yes, some tears!)

C said...

god bless you in your journey. i dont know you but ask god to heal you completly. stay strong in your faith.


obxmissionaries said...

Am downloading the audio file now to listen to later (probably when the kids are in bed and I can actually listen). :P Thank you for letting us know about it so that we, too, can hear it. We love you!

Cousin Cynthia