Friday, December 4, 2009

...and again

For the fourth time in 5 months, we had another car accident. It was snowing, and I was slowing down at a stop sign when another car came sliding around the corner into the side of our (newly acquired) Suburban. The other driver was very polite and kind - no problems there. His insurance company is one we've never heard of, and our company's adjuster said that the person she talked to there was the rudest person she has ever dealt with in her business. We are hoping this is not a foreshadowing of an insurance battle. We were scheduled to drive this Suburban back to South Carolina on December 17. We'll see what happens with those plans, but we're sure hoping they don't have to be changed. We're also hoping (more than hoping) that insurance doesn't decide to total our car because of the damage. Perfectly maintained, leather upholstered, four-wheel drive, nine-passenger SUVs within our price range are rare, and we don't want to have to start looking again.

I was very bothered by the accident, but then, after all, what's a car accident compared to what the Lord has already shown us He can do? The lessons we've been learning over the past year apply to accidents just as well as they do to cancer.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Amy! I am so sorry to hear about this next trial for your family! I will pray dealing with the insurance company goes better in the future, and that you can drive your vehicle to South Carolina! I will pray they don't total your Suburban, but will give you what you need to fix it. How badly is it damaged? We praise God you are safe, and pray for MUCH protection on all of you as you travel, so you won't have any more accidents!!!!!

You are loved!
Ruth Bustamante

the other Amy said...

Even this accident is a reminder of how very much we have to be thankful for. In the past 5 days I have had friends who have had friends in 3 horrible accidents.
1) You know about David Cajiaut
2) friends of a friend of mine were in an accident. Their 2 year old daughter was killed, the mother has several broken vertebra (don't know the prognosis yet)
3) Two mothers in VA were killed yesterday when a tree fell on the van they were traveling in. One had 10 children, the other 8. They weren't much older than you and I.

God has been so good to all of us, and has spared you, once again! How thankful I am!!!

Bonnie said...

Ugh, I'm sorry to hear about the accident, but I'm glad no one was hurt and that it wasn't your fault! I hope the SUV isn't totaled! I'll be praying!

Love, Bonnie

Siberians said...

God continues to show His love and watchcare over you in protecting you. We are thankful for that. We will pray that the vehicle will be fixed and no further problems with the ins. company! Lots of love. Jess

Cynthia said...

I love you, Amy! Thank you for sharing your life lessons! :)

Cousin Cynthia

Siberians said...

Most insurance companies would have you believe that you MUST accept their assessment of damage and if they total your car, you have no choice. The fact is that you had a perfectly usable vehicle in very good condition. You have the right to have that vehicle restored to the condition it was in before the wreck or compensation that will allow you replace the vehicle with one of equal value and condtion. You also have rights to compensation for time and for a rental vehicle during the time you are without use of the vehicle that was damaged by the neglect of the other driver. Start telling the insurance company that you want a rental Suburban for the time of your trip to SC, as well as time lost from gainful employment. If they start fussing, mention that you are a recent survivor of cancer with 7 minor children (especially if they were in the car), and you will find that the insurance company will start to sing a new tune. They KNOW that if you pushed and hired a lawyer, they would loose the case and an ENORMOUS amount of money (rembember the case with the lady and the hot cup of coffee at McD's?) Find a lawyer friend who will write them a letter on firm letterhead, and they will REALLY start to be attentive.

I am not trying to be carnal or propose that we depend on anything or anyone other than the Lord. We pray and trust. God works miracles as we have seen so frequently. It is the greatest of blessings to be a child of the King.

When Paul was imprisoned and beaten without "due process" according to Roman law and the city leaders wanted him to be released so that he would just quietly leave and the matter be dropped, he specifically required them to come to him in prison to rectify the injustice to Roman law. We have laws in our country that protect us from the "injustices" that occur in life. It is not wrong or sinful to use them wisely; all the while only trusting in the Lord, with no spirit of vindictiveness, and looking for the opportunity to be witnesses. (run-on sentence!!)

I hope this makes some sense and comes across in the right spirit.

My own testimony to this is from my years in Greenville. Another driver on a misty day slid through an intersection and hit the back passenger door and quarter panel of my Toyota (that was 13-14 years old, but in perfect condition with low mileage). The insurance company was going to total the car even though the damage was only cosmetic. I could not afford to replace it, and a believer-lawyer-friend (sounds like an oxymoronic statemtent) took me aside and re-educated me concerning my deferent attitude to the insurance company. It is a business and not a God-given authority. It is not sin to reject their settlement offer any more that it is wrong to not agree to an agent fee when we are looking for an agent to sell our houses or a lawyer fee when we are looking to write a will. You have the right to say "NO". They are not your authority. It is not rebellion. How you handle the resolution of this "disagreement" is when you can really show the world your glowing testimony.

You have had the opportunity to be a witness to so many people and God has blessed you. We will be praying for you to reflect the awesome glory of God and the love of Jesus Christ in this as well.

Donna said...

Kevin is right. The same thing happened to me after my accident. Will be praying that it all happens smoothly. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.
Praying for you.

Lynette DLM said...

I bet you are almost ready to stop driving and maybe get a horse and buggy.

I am so sorry and am praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Don't get a horse and buggy!!! Those accidents are MUCH worse!

Rachel in VA said...

Amy & Jon,
Am praying, if God be willing, that you be able to keep your plans and travel to Greenville, SC. I love the pictures of your Gideon. God IS kind to us!!
Love, Aunt Rachel :)

Shannon said...

Hi, Amy!
Your hair woes sound just like mine! I can't wait to swap hairstyling tips with you when you get to Greenville! I will look for you Sunday Dec. 20! Gilead is adorable and I can't wait to see him, too!
Love, Shannon G.

Anonymous said...

"...and again" god has protected you. Wow, all these trials and yet you are a living testimony of how God is in charge of your lives and you ae trusting him to provide "all things." Your blog has been a blessing to those without cancer or great trials. "To whome much is given, much is required." God is not thru blessing your family yet. Hang in there.