Friday, May 22, 2009

Chemo #6 - Back to the Grind

Yesterday was my first treatment with Taxol. It went well, I think. One of the pre-treatments is a pretty heavy dose of Benadryl, and it pretty much knocked me out. I slept during almost the whole treatment. The potential side effects of Taxol are numerous, but the most common ones are flu-like symptoms.

Jon took a little lesson in how to give me my follow-up shot, so he gave that to me today. This shot is to boost white blood cell production so that I can have treatments every two weeks instead of every three. I'll be glad to get done sooner if I can sustain the compressed treatments. The shot has it's own set of side effects, which also include flu-like symptoms. I'm doing pretty well with that so far too. I am a little sore, and my stomach has been a little edgy, but I've been surprised at how well I feel.

Gilead continues to do very well. He's eating more and still sleeping well. He woke up just enough to tell my parents goodbye this evening. I was sad to see them go, and very glad that they were able to be here for the last two weeks. They've been such a help.


Heather Shehan Currie said...

Praying for your continued health and that Gilead will continue to get stronger everyday. Hope you have a great Birthday and that you feel better.

Anonymous said...

wow--I didn't expect a post so soon! Glad to hear you were feeling ok yesterday at least. We'll keep you in our prayers. Hope you had a good birthday, too!

--Beth Goforth