Friday, May 29, 2009


Gilead's doctor's appointment was today, and it went very well. Gilead's growth and development continues to be amazing. I don't think I'm just a proud mama - the doctors seem to be surprised too. He weighs 5 pounds, 5 ounces now. He's surpassed his birth weight by the time they expected him just to begin re-gaining weight from his low of 4 pounds 9 ounces. The doctor commented that his muscle strength was especially good even for a term baby.

We have been blessed with the "real deal" (breast milk). There is a system here in Colorado through which breast milk can be donated to babies who can't get it from their moms, and we considered using that. Another mom we met in the NICU told us she would like to give us her large supply of frozen milk, if we would be willing to take it. After a nurse in the NICU privately encouraged me to bypass the donor milk bank and the pasteurization process, and after private conversation with the other mom, we felt more than blessed to accept her offer. Gilead takes it so much better than the high-calorie formula he had been prescribed, and he doesn't spit it up (the formula came back up a lot). I think this is one reason his growth has surpassed expectations.

I keep hearing of more and more people, truly all over the world, who have prayed for us. People on every continent (except Antarctica of course) have emailed us with encouragement. Thanks to each one of you. God has more than answered our prayers. Our faith has been reinforced in a huge way. And without our faith in God, I don't know what we would have done in the past months.

My next chemo is on Friday. I've gotten over the side effects of the last one, and I hope they won't be accumulative. It was definitely more unpleasant than the other chemo I had.


Mom Bixby said...

Loved the post! Even though we talk to you, it was nice to hear what you had to share. We are praying constantly for you all and will be particularly remembering the next chemo session. I'm sure we'll talk again before then. We love you!

Rachel in VA said...

Thinking of you all and so glad to hear of Gilead's strong growth. So-ooo interesting about the breast milk. I had a large supply of frozen milk way back when your cousin was born and she had been weaned. This interested me. God is so good -- ALWAYS. Neat to hear how HE provided for you.
Love & Prayers, Uncle Jim & Aunt Rachel

josyjo said...

Amy, I am so glad to hear of Gilead's growth. Iknow what a blessing it is to find so many people praying. Back in 2000 when Kristina was so ill, I kept hearing from people across the country that I did not know who had heard about what she was going through and let me know they were praying for her. It was so amazing to me to have perfect strangers letting me know that they were praying and such a blessing. I love to hear about these things. I am praying for you too, as you approach your next chemo treatment. I love you, Amy, Aunt Sarah

Aunt Bonnie said...

Sweet post-- so great to hear about Gilead's progress. We continue to pray for you as well as our people here in our church

Heather Shehan Currie said...

Glad to hear that he is doing well! I pray he continues to grow stronger everyday. Good luck with Chemo on Friday, I will continue to pray and hope that your side affects will not be as bad this time.

Suzy said...

Such a blessing that the other mom donated her milk! God certainly provides!