Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Several of you have asked how Jon is doing. He finally seems to be getting better, although he still sounds bad and still has quite a cough. I'm very thankful the rest of us have avoided this bug. The crazy swings in the weather here probably aren't helping him much. We actually used our wood stove today. Glad we still had dry wood in the box left over from one of the other spring storms.

My sister is coming out again. She'll be here on Saturday. I think she's planning to donate her abundant hair to me this time. Mine is coming out again. (This is our running joke for those of you who don't know Teresa. She has grown her hair since November, but when I was first diagnosed, she had slightly longer hair than I have right now.) The kids are excited, and I'm thankful she'll be here for a couple of weeks.


Brandi said...

I know she is just as excited about getting to come out again and see all of you and the new baby too:)Congrats again on the new healthy baby!

Anonymous said...

We have a hair joke here, too. I have a lot of thick hair, but for some reason my bald brothers won't take it!

Glad to hear you are doing well. We will keep praying for Jon and all of you!

Greer, SC

Cynthia said...

I'm late getting to read your post, but am glad to hear that Jon's doing better and to know that you'll have Teresa there for a little while! Thank you for taking time to update us; we're still praying for all of you!


cousin Cynthia

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jon and Amy! Just wanted you to know that we are safely in Arizona now. We had such a wonderful time catching up with you. We continue to pray for you often and trust that God's miracles and blessings for your family are not over! Hope you enjoy your time with your sister.
Love, Stephanie for us all

Anonymous said...

Amy--it's so good to read your updates. Mike and I have been out of the loop since we moved to GA a couple weeks ago and have been wondering about you. (We don't have internet yet, so we usually have limited time borrowing from others...or using the wireless at Krystal's :) Who would have thought that would be the place to go for free wireless?!? We'll keep you in our prayers. Glad to hear Gilead is doing so well! Praise the Lord!

-Beth Goforth