Monday, June 15, 2009

Chemo #7

I've waited too long to update again. We've stayed pretty busy over the last couple of weeks. This round of chemo seemed to go a little better than the first. Some symptoms were worse, but overall, I felt better. Thursday the cycle starts over again.

I've lost all my hair again, and this time it hurt. I don't know what made the difference from the first time I lost it, but I was actually glad once it was all gone this time. I felt like a cat whose fur was always being rubbed the wrong way.

Gilead is starting to put on some fat, and he should be with the whopping amount he eats every day! We're glad to see his appetite so healthy. Aunt Teresa has thoroughly been enjoying helping out with him. She has become an expert burper. (Hee hee - won't she thank me when she reads that?)

Okay...I just tried to post some pictures, but something's going wrong. I'll try to get some posted later.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jon & Amy and Everyone,
It was good to see Teresa Sunday evening. And I am glad you are doing as well as you are. The Lord is blessing you, isn't HE? We are still praying for you and the family. We love you, Bob & Sherry

Heather Shehan Currie said...

Praying that everything continues to go well and that Gilead continues to get stronger everyday!