Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chemo #8

Just one more chemo treatment to go! This past round was the most uncomfortable so far, but I'm feeling much better now. Some of my fingernails are feeling a little loose - losing them is a side effect of the Taxol - but since I only have one treatment left, maybe that won't get too bad. My oncologist is scheduling a PET scan sometime in the next 3 weeks. This will be a high resolution scan that will take a closer look at the spots on my liver and bones that the CT scan in February showed. I am nervous about this scan - its findings could change many things. If those unclassified spots turn out to be cancer, it will be considered terminal.

I have not shared details about how the financial end of my treatments is going. Jon started his own residential construction business in 2007, and after a few months of very tight squeezing, we had to drop our health insurance. Our goal was to pick it back up in a year (December 2008), when we hoped the business would be bringing in more income. Dropping our insurance was a very hard decision to make, but we both came to the conclusion that, ultimately, God is the one who provides for us. Either he provides through insurance, or he provides in some other way when the need arises. We were on track to meet that goal when my cancer was discovered in October 2008.

My official diagnosis was only about three hours old when I was approved to receive a treatment grant from the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We knew next to nothing about this foundation, but the supervising nurse at the mammogram clinic knew the who, how, and where to make the whole process so easy that we hardly knew what was going on. There wasn't even time to get worried about how all this treatment was going to be paid for!

All that to say this: We were absolutely amazed at how our Lord worked out details we didn't comprehend, and we feel very indebted to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. When their public relations representative asked if I would be willing to be interviewed by a few media outlets to help with fund raising, I was happy to help in any way I could. Last week I was interviewed for Denver's 5280 magazine, and yesterday a photographer came to our home to get pictures of us all. Gilead and I have another photo "thing" next week, and in July, Channel 9 News will be doing an interview. I don't want to be intimidated about sharing my faith in all of this, and I would appreciate the prayers of those of you who share my faith that I will be able to speak about what has been my most sustaining anchor through these months.

I don't have any updates about Dr. Roland. If you know his family (even if you don't) and would like to leave an encouraging note for them, you can do that on Facebook. Dr. Roland's son-in-law, Will Gaulkin, set up a group - Expressions of Love for Dr. Ralph Roland - where folks can leave notes that the family will print off and read to him.

Sometimes I look around me and feel like cancer is dropping people I know like flies. It's not very encouraging. For that reason, I plan to do another book review next. For those of us who have chosen to believe what the Bible teaches, there is incredible hope and promise in any circumstance, no matter how awful. My next review will be of another children's book. I guess all-things-children is my life arena right now, and there sure are a lot of great resources in this arena.


Anonymous said...

Amy, Hi there, friend! Good to hear your update tonight. We are continuing to pray for you and especially that the PET scan will relieve any concerns about those spots. Also will be in prayer about your interviews. The heart of the king (and the news anchor) is in His hands. To Him be the glory. Love to all of you. Stephanie for us all

Donna said...

Loe you and am praying for you.

Bobbi Kahler said...

Thank you Amy C. Bixby....for your encouragement. Your faith in our Savior is a great testimony to all. I'm excited for you, that you're talented in writing books. Your beautiful on the inside and the outside. The, you have so much going on in your life. Truly exciting that you can share your faith with so many.

Brandi said...

Goodluck with the media! Thats exciting, you deserve something fun! Only one more treatment!!!! You have come so far :) Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bixby family,
My a lot going on in your home and will be praying for the PET scan will be negative about those spots~
Our Lord is the great Physician and He ultamitely is the healer of all~May this last chemo not be to hard on your body~Your Mother showed us a recent picture of the baby and he looks so adorable and healthy~PTL for that~our prayers are still going up to our Lord for all of you~John & Judy White
HPBC members

Rachel in VA said...

Your sister says she respects you greatly, Amy. She was so glad to be a part of your lives for those couple of weeks. She is a jewel, herself. Uncle Jim and I send our love. Our God is so GOOD -- ALL of the time. I have no doubt you will speak just as you should concerning our great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Love, Aunt Rachel

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, Jon & All, Thanks for sharing so much with us. Yes, you know me and that I always think aboat the "financial" side even when I shouldn't and I am so relieved the Lord has used the Susan B Koman folks to provide so much for you. What a blessing and what a Wonderful Lord we serve. You are just the one He can use in a time such as this to reach so many with your Faith. PTL. We will pray for these tests coming up and their results but we can trust HIM! Regardless.
Love in Him, Bob & Sherry

Heather Shehan Currie said...

Amy, will continue to pray for you and Gilead daily. I will start praying that you can continue sharing your faith through the Susan G. Komen foundation outlet. You share your faith everyday, so I know it will come out in all the interviews. Praying that the next round of Chemo and the next scan go well.

Anonymous said...

How exciting to hear how God is enlarging your sphere of influence through this situation! I will be praying much for you regarding the upcoming interview! We are also praying for these tests results to be encouraging to all of you. We so appreciate your excellent example of how to have peace and cling to your faith through the storms of life! Ruth Bustamante

Anonymous said...

I am still praying for you as you go through the next few weeks. None of us knows what tomorrow brings, but we who know God know He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us. That even includes PET scans and news reporters! Thank you for your sweet testimony, and the way you have displayed courage and trust in God.

Lisa from Greer, SC

quiltingkim said...

Don't know if you remember us from the "Ambassador" days. We have kept up to date through siblings. I just found Amy on Facebook and found you here. We have passed your needs to prayer friends all over the US some of which are also living with cancer. If we could truly bear one anothers burdens we would. For now we will continue to hold you and your family up before our Creator and Saviour through prayer. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to serve him through your testimony in the interviews.
God bless you all,
Tony and Kim Ceder

Shannon said...

Praying for you daily, Amy. So glad your chemo. is over! I'll keep in touch with Teresa concerning your PET scan. We will probably be starting radiation the same day if I can get my insurance issues worked out in time.
Praise God for the opportunities He is giving you and Gilead to be "salt" and "light" for him through the Komen Foundation!
I did not realize your connection with Dr. Roland and his connection to the Galkins until I read your blog entry. I had no idea when I sent you their CD that you knew their family! God is so great in the way He orchestrates our lives!
"Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties upon him, because he cares for you." 1 Peter 5:6-7