Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Those of you who have been reading my blog from the beginning may remember that I mentioned our family doctor, Dr. Roland. He was diagnosed with cancer near the end of last year. His family has just been called to be with him; he's not expected to live very long.

We have appreciated Dr. Roland and his practice so much. He is truly a unique doctor. His advice has definitely not been limited to the medical field. He has not been afraid to incorporate his strong faith into his practice. When we were told that I could not maintain my pregnancy and also have treatments for the cancer, Dr. Roland was one of the first people from whom we sought advice. He and his family have been a blessing to us in so many ways. Our hearts are breaking for them.

Please pray for the Roland family.


Siberians said...

Praying. I can't imagine...

Cynthia said...

We'll be praying for the Rolands. And, as always, you all are in our prayers, too. :) Thanks for keeping us updated!


cousin Cynthia

Rachel in VA said...

Continuing to keep you in personal prayer and on our church prayer list. A number of people -- at church and at Curves -- continue to ask how you are doing.
Love, Aunt Rachel & Uncle Jim