Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

The last couple of days have been very good. My appetite isn't great, but at least I don't feel sick. The doctor said my hair is likely to turn loose this week, so I finally bought a hat that covers my whole head. I found out that I have a big head.

Jon's family will be arriving from South Carolina today, and we're looking forward to seeing them. We never thought we'd all get together twice in one year. (The other occasion was Ben's and Beka's wedding in May.) The only family members who won't be here are Kevin, Jessica, and their children. They live in Siberia and don't need to come to Colorado to experience Christmas weather. That is why they aren't coming, of course. (Kevin and Jess - we'll miss you all.)

Many of you have made this Christmas the most eventful our children have ever had. They received so many gifts, that we let them begin opening one each night since Sunday. They have loved it and are enjoying their gifts so much. Eliana (the five-year-old) noticed that Cara (11 years old) didn't get quite as many gifts as she did, so she chose her largest unwrapped gift and gave it to Cara. It turned out to be an 18" doll that Cara has wanted for quite a while, and one that Eliana would have loved to have too. I could see the disappointment on Eliana's face. She was seriously reconsidering her generosity. I pulled her into my lap and whispered encouraging words in her ear. She can be very sweet natured when she's in the mood, and at that moment she was in the mood. The next present Eliana opened was a doll very similar to the one she had just given Cara. What a sweet reward and lesson.

Merry Christmas to all of you. We hope you have very pleasant days with your family and friends. And may you be very aware of the love of our God.


Bonnie said...

Eliana's generosity brought tears to my eyes. How special! God has given you wonderful children and it is obvious that you and Jon are bringing them up in a way that honors God.

Much love to you all. Enjoy your time with The Bixby's and please tell them I said, Hello!

Ashley said...

That story left me with tears in my eyes too...what a sweet, sweet girl your little Eliana is! I'm not a Momma (this side of Heaven) but I imagine that it must be moments like that that make you so very proud of your little ones. (((Big Hugs))) to you, my friend. Much love to you and your family today, and always!!

Doug said...

Hi Amy and John! It's been awhile, but I think of you guys often. I called home last night and heard about the situation in the Bixby camp. I'll be praying for you! If there is anything I can do for you guys, just drop me a line.

Rachel in VA said...

Merry Christmas to you all! I meant to send off a comment here this a.m. but was busy fixing Christmas meal for family. I took everything over to Uncle Jim's mom's and finished it there. Since "Dad" died last year she doesn't wish to do much anymore -- so, WE need to. Now am home. By the way, Uncle Jim just said to tell you that he thinks of you too, honey. Amy, I spoke with your mom a bit ago and then to your grandma. Have you heard about Cousin Ruth's new baby born last night?
Love and Prayers continue to be with you all.
Aunt Rachel

Suzy said...

What precious children you have! And how wonderful to see God working things out, ahead of time...He knew she would give up her gift, and He knew He planned to make up for it immediately. Wow. Glad you aren't feeling sick...I still can't believe it, with the pregnancy AND the chemo...but...what little faith I have! Prayers....

Anonymous said...

What a precious time you are having with your little ones. They make Christmas so sweet!
We love you and are praying for all of you. We are so glad that you are not sick. We are rejoicing in hearing the good news! God is so good....
Aunt Becky and Hunter

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Still praying for you!

Lisa Arnold,

Greer, SC

Anonymous said...

I think we could all learn from Eliana's generosity and God's rewarding her. Thank you for sharing those "teaching moments".
Please give Steve, Donna and family a big hug from The Criggers. They were a huge blessing to us when we were still young christians.
We continue to pray for you all!

Anonymous said...

Amy, it always thrills my heart to hear stories like that one about Eliana and Cara. I know that meant a lot to Cara too. It is something both of them will remember for a very long time. It shows Eliana's very generous spirit and that she is thinking not only of herself. I hope you all had a very nice Christmas. I love you all. Aunt Sarah