Sunday, December 21, 2008

First Book Review - A Winter's Tale

I love reading too much to keep all my good literature experiences to myself. This first book isn't quite a literary masterpiece, but the art work is spectacular. Those of you with kids or in elementary education have probably heard of Robert Sabuda and the pop-up books he designs. I fell in love with his work the first time I saw it, and now I have three of his books: A Cookie Count, America the Beautiful, and Winter's Tale. These books are not for my children. I would never trust them with the incredible, delicate, pop-up work. I do read them with the kids and let them enjoy the fun but with tight supervision.

Winter's Tale has become one of our Christmas traditions. The book only has six pages, but each page folds out with an additional pop-up illustration. The text is very simple, but has the element of a riddle as you try to figure out who is doing the talking. The pop-ups are all of wild life, and often a page will combine a figure of an animal along with the animals who would normally be its prey but without violence. There is lots of glitter and sparkle in the papers used, but at the same time the art gives a peaceful feeling. The last page is the most elaborate with a nice little surprise - and you will solve the riddle if you're paying close attention.

I bought this book several years ago for about $25.00. Now, for someone who almost never buys books new, and almost never for more than $1.00, that is a fortune. (I even bought one of my other Robert Sabuda books, A Cookie Count, for $0.50 at a thrift store.) But the price I paid has been much worth it. It has appeal for all of us, and to keep it from getting to be old-hat or dog-eared we pack it away with the Christmas decorations each year.

Even if you only walk into a book store to take a look at one of Robert Sabuda's books, you will thoroughly enjoy it. You'll probably get hooked and have to eventually buy one to satisfy your new found hunger for pop-up art. I hope you have as much luck at thrift stores as I have.
My pictures are awful. I hope you really will take a look at the book itself and not let my photos be your only impression of this fun book.


Aunt Bonnie said...

Great book review, Amy!! You made me want to get his books! Maybe they would make good Christmas presents.

Anonymous said...

I looked for these books yesterday at Barnes and Noble and could not find them.


Brandi said...

I think you should write a book :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutly love these pop-up books