Monday, December 1, 2008

From Jon...

As we wrap up this “thankful week” I can’t help but be renewed in my commitment to give thanks in everything – all year long. Our hearts are overwhelmed with gratitude – wish I had time to list all the wonderful ways we have experienced our Father’s love. When we count the ways, one of the things for which we are tremendously thankful is you. God’s love for us has become very evident through you. Many of you are more faithful in dropping by the blog than we have been in updating – some of you check several times daily! Many of you I don’t even know, and it is impossible to express the joy, comfort and blessing your faithful expressions of love and prayer on our behalf have been.

We are in a little lull right now – but as you can see by our schedule the check-ups and visits start again soon, and then before we know it chemo will start.

One the realities that has been impressed on our hearts is that this experience is not just about us – it is about all who surround us and observe, with whatever degree of curiosity or care, what God is doing. Amy and I have been filled with a passion to reflect what God has been doing for us. For those who know Him, our prayer has been that somehow through our experience you might see that God is everything that He claims to be – it may be impossible to experience outside of the fire – but if we can somehow serve as surrogates and share with you even a small taste of the greatness of God, that would thrill our hearts. For some of you, we pray obsessively that our experience would bring to the surface of your conscience those pesky questions about life, death, God and His love that will refuse to go away until they are squared with and answered to the satisfaction of your soul.

We love all of you – and want to communicate that if there is something worse than facing death – it is facing death without the one true God.

Thanksgiving was wonderful – we have already set up our Christmas decorations as well – that is Amy’s favorite time of year.

I have one more prayer for you as I close – I pray that each of you will have the opportunity to celebrate this season as if it might be your last one – that is an amazing experience.

Love Jon


Donna said...

Thank you, Jon.

C/2d Lt Crystal Fry said...

Hey Jon and Amy,
We are all (mom, cynthia and I) praying for you and the kids... keep us posted if there is anything that we can do...
Love Crystal

Daniel said...

We pray regularly for all of you. Thank you for taking of your time to write those well-thought out words.

the Sefcovic's said...

Jon and Amy, thank you for keeping us updated. God is doing an amazing work through you. You are such an encouragement. We pray for you continuously and if we forget to, Katriana makes sure to remind us. I'm praying for your appointment tomorrow to go well. We miss you.
Love, Krystal

Anonymous said...

Dear Jon and Amy, I read your updates regularly and usually tears come to my eyes. They are tears of pain and of great joy to hear about our GREAT GOD and how HE is providing for your needs. I cannot imagine what you are going through, but I know that through my own physical trials GOD has and continues to provide strength, encouragement and through others...HUMOR. I continue to pray for all of your family. And this year we as a family will remember to treat the holiday very it may be our last. Thank you for your words, they are always encouraging.

Sonja Fischer

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon and Amy,
I am one of those you don't know but you will because we will gather around the Throne together one day! I learned of your trials through Sarah Jones--I am a member at Grace Baptist Church in Taylors SC. I am a wife and mother of four. I have faced my own mortality though not to the extent you now do.But I have walked a road that few young mothers of young children do. My testimony is this: God is faithful and true. And He is the God of hope. The question I was asking was, how long will I live? The question I needed to ask was and became, not will live but will i trust my God? Your blogs are an encouragement to me. What a testimony you are in your struggle. Praise God that you are giving Him glory and throwing yourself in His arms. I will pray for your family. Wendy White

Suzy said...

Am still praying for you.....I just had surgery under two weeks ago and my husband is having to do most of the work with the house and four young children, as well as be a we know the strain PLUS you guys have the emotional strain we do not have. So I know its got to be hard...but your testimony is wonderful. I pray that you will be able to walk through this "valley of death" without fear...but that you will come out of it alive and victorious! Thanks for the updates...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates! Thanks for the way you are striving to give God the glory in all of this. Praying for you all daily.

Lisa Arnold
Greer, SC said...

Amy & Jon, Thanks for the updated info and your recent note. We all continue our prayers that God would heal and grant you wisdom on the decisions ahead. Remember that God promises to "supply all your need according to His riches in glory."--tht includes EVERY thing, including wisdom!
Love to all, Aunt Pat,Uncle Tom

Anonymous said...

Dear Jon, Amy and children,
We have gotten word of Amy's diagnosis and wanted to let you all know that we are holding you up to the Lord in prayer, continually.
We've thought of your dear family over the years and the godly testimony you have been.
Thank you for keeping us posted on how you are all doing and for challenging us to live like we should. Heb. 9:27
May God bless your hearts,
Clint & Linda C., Lee, Luke, Hope, Seth, Isaiah, Abigail, Samuel, James and John

Anonymous said...


This is an old classmate of yours, Tonya Highsmith Childress. I want you to know that I am thinking of you and praying for you and your family. We do serve an awesome God and he knows exactly where you are in this time of need. My church is praying for you as well. You have a beautiful family Amy. I am praying for you....Tonya

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a precious testimony of Jesus love in your lives!
We love you, too.
Keep shining for Jesus!
We are praying for all of you.
Aunt Becky and Hunter

Anonymous said...

Jon and Amy,
We are praying for you and will remember you tomorrow. Thanks for keeping us posted.
Ken and Dee