Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chemo in Two Weeks

The oncologist has given me the chemo plan now. I'll be getting Adroamycin and Cytoxan in 4 rounds that will span 3 to 4 months. I'll be starting the first round the week of December 15. After the baby is delivered, I'll probably be doing a third kind of chemo that can't be given during pregnancy. Dr. Cook (oncologist) warned that nausea will probably be a problem since I won't be able to use many of the anti-nausea medications. That was disheartening - I love Christmasy, fatty, salty goodies. I'm not supposed to eat those things anyway. Maybe I won't even be tempted.

My risk of reoccurance after the treatment is said and done is still almost 50%. That is not a pleasant thought. I've thought so many times over the last few days of the Bible verse, Hebrew 9:27, "It is appointed unto men once to die, and after this judgment..." We all know that reoccurance of cancer is usually deadly. But I'm no worse off than anyone else. We all have to face death. I just know what form mine has a good chance of taking. Christ has taken care of the judgment that comes after death and prepared a place for me.

I would really appreciate your prayers during the coming treatments. I am not looking forward to feeling sick for months; I would love to be free from the normal side effects.


Donna said...

You continue to by in my prayers, Amy. Praying for a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas, with as few side effects as possible.
Love you all,

MSR said...

Hi Amy,
I pray for you daily. I do pray that you have few side effects!
Thank you for your good attitude - although I'm sure you have your days.
It is a blessing and encouragement to me as well as others - I'm sure.
You said you love Christmasy. :0)
That is how they say Christmas over here!
I would love to see you all while we are on furlough. Hope it works out.
The Lord is teaching me over and over (I am a hard learner) that faith is trusting God when it doesn't make since or it is hard to understand in our human thinking. Just to take Him at His Word - no matter how we feel.

Love and prayers,
Tina R.

Julie said...


I don't know if you've checked into it yet, but you may qualify for help from the American Cancer Society...just a thought.

It was so good to see you last night at church. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ashley said...

I'll be praying for very few side effects for you, Amy. And as always, I am keeping your sweet family in my thoughts and prayers as well. You are a real encouragement to me and so many others. This Thanksgiving, I'm so glad that God let Kelly and I meet you and Teresa back when we started attending Hampton Park :) God bless you, Friend!

Anonymous said...

Amy, Our prayer for you and the family is to have the grace to go thru the things the Lord has placed into your life. I see our prayers are being answered. We will continue to pray and hold you up to His throne. And we will be praying for your Chemo. You are right that none of us know when we will face the end of our life on earth. The great thanksgiving we have today is that we can know what the future will be after our earthly life is over. We all need to remember to hug our loved ones and make sure they know they are loved. I know that you do that in such a gracious way. Your family will never "wonder" about that. God bless you all on this Thanksgiving Day. Regardless of the circumstances, we have so much to be thankful for. Love, Bob & Sherry

Suzy said...

I can't imagine how difficult its going to be....but I'm also sure that your relationship with God and your family will be sweet during these holidays. May God bless and heal you.

Rachel said...

Jon, Amy, Cara, John, Nathan, Arielle, Eliana, Jeremiah, Debby, Neil, & Teresa,
Thinking much of you today. I thank the Lord for my dear family. Continuing to keep each of you in prayer. Praying God's grace and strength for you thru the good times and thru the harder times.
Much Love, Aunt Rachel

Lance Ketchum said...


I came across you blog today.

I want you to know I will be praying for you and your family during this trial in your life.

May our LORD's hand be upon your body, your life, and your testimony to His glory.

Dugaw Family said...


You don't know me personally. My family used to live in Littleton, CO. I received you and your family as a prayer request through a series of homeschool connections. I have been praying for you and following your blog. I will pray that you receive divine relief from any side-effects, that would be a wonderful testimony, for sure. If that is not God's plan, please consider this. Although I was not a chemotherapy patient, my OB doctor prescribed an anti-nausea drug often used with chemotherapy. I suffered severe nausea during my pregnancies and I was given Zofran. Ask about it, it was a miracle for me and for a close friend of mine as well. If it is indeed safe for you, it's worth trying. Blessings upon blessings, I pray for you.

Anonymous said...

Amy, we pray for you daily. This morning as Madison was praying, she said, "...and Lord, please help Mrs. Bixby's cancer to go away and help the baby to be safe, and I do hope that it's a girl." I just thought that might put a smile on your face and I told her that I was sure Cara would agree!

Anonymous said...

We pray for you as chemo starts soon. I hope to be of some comfort for you, my mom went through Breast Cancer a year ago and had both of the chemo drugs you mentioned and didn't get sick. She felt naseaus one day in her whole year through it all.
May God Bless you in your faithfulness to Him,
Kimberly Meenach

rrzhlj said...

Hi, my mom and dad asked us to pray for you a few weeks ago and we put you on our churches prayer chain, so prayers from Pennsylvania have been sent on behalf of you and your family. Reading your comments is such a great testimony to others of your faith and trust in God. I'm so sorry you and your family have to go through this trial but God is good. Continuing in prayer for you all.

Rhonda (Kinkade) Johnston

Maribel said...

I will be praying that you can feel good during the treatment. Others here in Spain are praying for you. I admire your trust in God. He is faithful and worthy of all our trust.