Thursday, November 6, 2008

Surgery is scheduled

The surgeon's office called this afternoon to let us know the surgery is scheduled for Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. I will be in for at least 24 hours. It doesn't look like biopsies will fit in before then, which is fine with me. Those are done without much anesthesia - ouch. I will be having blood work and possibly x-rays on Monday morning.

The thought of this surgery is turning my stomach. It's a hard step to take, but everyone I've talked to (both traditional and alternative) has agreed it's the best thing to do considering the complications of pregnancy.


DAD said...

Hey Kids,

Just a quick note. Pastor Tipton woke us up this morning to ask about you and Sam. Soooooooo many people here are keepin up with every detail and praying. So thankful for the grace upon grace that God is giving you moment by moment.
We love you all.

Dad and Mom

Daniel said...

Jon and Amy and family;
Our family and church family are praying for you, and regularly checking for updates.
Daniel and Brenda and family

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy and crew,
I know you do not know me, but I am hoping that it will be a comfort to you to know that I have sent your blog to a church here in Greenville, and some prayer warriors. We are praying.
1Tim. 6:15 (Phillips version) God is the blessed controller of all things. When I remember nothing else, I lean on that.

Suzy said...

Praying for you...

Donna said...

So thankful they were able to schedule you. Praying earnestly for you, Amy, and Jon and the kids.
God is using you in so many ways.
One cannot help but be blessed and challenged by your testimony.
All my love and prayers,

Aunt Debbie and Uncle Phil said...

Just letting you know that our church in Pennsylvania had you on its prayer list on Wed. night. Many are praying.
Uncle Phil and Aunt Debbie

thefedssc said...

We are praying much for you, Jon and family. I can tell the grace of God is already seeing you through this new trial, and God is answering prayer as the cancellations have allowed you to have quicker appointments. I experienced those blessings 6 years ago with my breast cancer diagnosis. I learned not to assume the worst early on because some things they "assumed" were not as bad after the surgery and pathology report. God's grace is always more than sufficient. Keep trusting in our Great God!
~ Pat Fetterolf

Aunt Bonnie said...

Just to let you know that we are praying much for you and our little church here in France is, too. We love you all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy & Family,

Please know that we are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers during this time. Amy, I am praying that God will fill you with the peace that only He can give as you face your upcoming surgery. I pray that He will hold you and this little one in His hands, and that you will have a quick recovery! I wish I were close enough to be able to help out in some way. But know that I pray for you often. Love you, my Friend!

Ashley McCall