Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well. not as shortly as I thought.

Amy is soaking in the tub (thank you Mrs. Senn for the bath basket) sipping tea (thank you Diana) and enjoying music (thank you Grinnells) – while her drains sit in a floating bowl. Her hair was washed earlier in a proper beautician’s chair (thank you Jen). And her stomach (and the rest of ours as well) filled w/ a wonderful supper (thank you Alicia).
God has gifted us w/ such wonderful friends – thank you to all of you. The picture hanging over the bed was a pleasant surprise when she came home – thanks to our Indian friends.

The surgeon’s reports this morning were encouraging. They are sure that they got all the tumor from the breast – there was good separation from the chest wall and also from the skin. They lymph nodes are more difficult, but they got all they could find. Now we wait several days (at least until Monday) for pathology reports. That will determine the kind and intensity of follow-up treatment. There is still a possibility that radiation may be indicated immediately which is a problem for the pregnancy. Please pray that this will not be the case.

The drains (installed in/for the lymph system are already slowing dramatically – a good thing. When there is less than a 30 ML collection in a 24 hour period they can be removed. I just emptied 43 ML from drain 1 and 10 from drain 2 (that one may get to come out in our morning visit w/ the surgeon).

We go in early tomorrow to check the bandages (no showering until those come off), incisions and drains.

The doctor also prescribed half doses of pain medication (because of the pregnancy) and Amy has been doing fine, even stretching the time between pills already. Thank the Lord for help and relief in that area.

Doc says that the first 48 hours are the most critical to baby – keep praying about that.

We still have not heard about the lung x-rays – maybe tomorrow.

The children were thrilled to see Mommy home and everyone is tired and will sleep well tonight I am sure. As soon as she can get back to this Amy will give you her side of things, but the left arm and hand aren’t exactly working properly so we will see.

We are again and again overwhelmed with gratitude to the Lord and to His wonderful body around us. Praise to Him and thanks to you all.

Good night,



Uncle Bob said...

Dear Jon, we are so encouraged by the reports. Aunt Bonnie and I are following events and the blog closely. You are in our daily prayers. Uncle Bob

Donna said...

Thanks for the updates. I know that you don't enjoy doing it, but it is truly a blessing. I am praying for you. So good to hear the good news.

Siberians said...

Glad Amy is home and that the surgery went well. We hope that she is able to get plenty of rest and is able to heal very quickly. All of our supporting churches and friends in the States have been asked to pray and I know that many ARE as they have replied to assure us of their prayers. I trust that the morning visit goes well. You ALL must be exhausted. We will be praying that God will give you extra strength. So glad that Amy's family is able to help out and thankful that you have such a wonderful, caring church family to surround you and help meet your needs during this time. I know that helps to lift some of the burden and stress. Continuing to pray. Love you. Jess

thefedssc said...

Praise God to whom ALL blessings flow! Bravo to you for such detailed reports keeping us informed to be able to pray specficially. It was thrilling to hear the good reports. We're praying! ~ the Fetterolfs

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Jon for continuing the blog and for updating all of us. Praying for you all continually!

Love to all, Bonnie

Jeff said...

Ch. Johnson and all of the COWG chaplains pray constantly for you and your family. The updates encourage and focus our thoughts. Jeffj

William said...

Jon and Amy I just want you all to know that I have been praying for you both and your children. Thank you for having this blogspot so that many can keep up with the progress and pray for your family. We are thankful that Amy's folks are able to be w/ you all at this time. Tracey & Bill

Anonymous said...

Jon, thank you so much for the very detailed update on Amy and how she is doing. I am glad that she was allowed to take a tub bath because they would not let me do that for weeks after my surgeries in the same area. A tub bath is so relaxing--well, that is until you try to get out of it with incisions and stitches, but I am sure she had help in that regard. You are all in my prayers. I love you all. Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

Dee said
Thanks so much for the good updates. We will continue to uphold you and family in the special requests.

Jessica Baker said...

Thank you for the updates; they are encouraging. We will continue to pray for complete healing according to God's will. We are glad you are surrounded by so many loving family and friends who are helping to take care of your family during this time.

God bless,
Jessica Baker

The Carrs, said...

Praise the Lord for good reports! We will keep praying for all of you including baby.
The Carr family

CNA Momma said...

Praise the Lord! He is Good! We will keep praying for Amy and the little one. I'm sure your other little ones are trying to help Mommy every way they can think of. I know how sweet they are. God Bless you all.
Tammy Carter

Suzy said...

Still checking the blog daily and praying....

Judith said...

So happy all went well with the surgery yesterday~you are all in our prayers~so happy Amy's folks are able to be with you and your family~what a blessing it must be to all of you~May our Lord continue to be with Amy as you wait for the results of the tests~
So good to go on the blog and see the progress of Amy~
Love & Prayers, Judith


Aunt Judy said...

Dear Jon,
Thanks so much for the privilege of being kept up on this matter that has been so on our hearts and in our prayers! God must have something very special for the two of you:) Makes me think of Rom. 8:18 and Heb. 5:8. We rejoice in God's provisions for you and are so thankful for your loving church family. We will continue to pray.
Much, much love to you all!
Aunt Judy and Uncle Karl (Custer)