Friday, November 7, 2008

Shopping is always fun

Cara and I went shopping last night. She had some birthday presents to get, and Jon and I are working on brightening up our bedroom. We had a really good time and were able to find what we were looking for. We also went to see some friends - a very pleasant time of fellowship.

The evening out helped to calm some of the knots in my stomach. The Lord helped me to see again that He has planned every tiny detail of the path we are walking. Maybe you'll laugh (I did), but a Scripture passage that jumped out at me yesterday morning was Matthew 10: 29-31. Now, I know you'll all run to look it up to see what made me laugh.

Okay, okay...I'll save you the trouble. Jesus was talking to his disciples. "Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? And one of them shall not fall to the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are numbered. Fear not therefore; you are of much more value than many sparrows."

So, a new take for me on numbering my hairs. Losing my hair has been a touchy subject. And God cares about that. By the way, I found out that the American Cancer Society will provide me with two free wigs. I wonder if God counts fake hairs?


Amy L. said...

I for one would like to think fake hair counts. Let's many hairs would that be for me? 15X?
Ha ha! :-) Glad you had a good evening!

Brandi said...

You should get a hot pink wig! Just kidding... I have seen some of the ones that the ACS has given out before and they look amazing. I have caught myself saying this again and again but it seems as though the really bad things happen to the really good people... So just think of yourself as one of those few REALLY GOOD PEOPLE! Love you lots!


Anonymous said...

You should get a blond wig just for the fun of it. You know blonds have more fun! :-)

Rhonae said...

Your sweet, fun spirit is a wonderful example to all of us. Thank you for sharing. I am glad you had a special evening with Cara. PTL about the quick schedule of the surgery. We will pray that God calms your heart.
Rhonae Stodola

Amy said...

I agree with Mary... you should try being a blond ;-)

Love ya, Amy the 1st

Christan said...

We are praying for you and your family during this difficult time. I look forwarding to hearing how God's works in your life and in your family's life. There are many people praying!

Christan Reynolds
PS I think the fake hair counts!

Laura-on-the-go said...

Of course God counts fake hairs Amy! I think you should make as much fun of the situation as you can and go blond for a while...maybe you could be a redhead! I love you, and am glad that God has brought you some extra hope and confort in the form of the team at St. Joe's and your family and friends. Thanks for keeping us updated, and I will say an EXTRA prayer for you and the surgeons on Wednesday.
-Your Cousin Laura

Anonymous said...

You know, Amy, I have heard for many years that "laughter is the best medicine". Actually, having God in your life is the BEST medicine, and laughter comes second! So, I pray that you can always look on the brighter side of things as you face this "valley". God will surely lead you out of the valley and bring you days of sunshine and rainbows!

Anonymous said...

Amy, could Locks of Love use your hair to make you a wig? Just curious. I'm so glad that you are able to "count it all joy." We are praying for you, especially Wednesday. We love you!

Anonymous said...

My daughter Joyanna is about to donate her hae to lock of love. But, it is blonde.
Love and Prayers,
Kayla k.

Amber Caldwell said...

i agree with brandi hot pink would look really good on you. ha ha just kidding. good luck with the surgery on wednesday.

Anonymous said...

We were so glad to get an update and also the pictures were great. God is so good! We praise Him for all His protective care for you and family. Teresa will look great bald. She is special to us here at home so don't forget to send her back.
We will continue to lift you up in prayer.