Sunday, November 23, 2008

Final Pathology Report

The surgeon called on Friday to let us know the big final detail of the pathology report. The HER2/neu receptors that indicate the presence of a complicating gene in the tumor were absent. The additional testing that was done actually evaluated the DNA of the tumor to check for this gene. Those tests came back negative.

What this all means is that my cancer is not as aggressive as statistics for my age category indicated it would be. Initially, we were told that I would not live for another 8 months if we did not treat very aggressively. We were told that the baby almost certainly would not survive everything that was ahead.

My pregnancy is still a significant complicating factor, and there is still risk to the baby in the treatments. But the overall picture has brightened considerably since I was first diagnosed. My treatment options are limited because everyone is trying to protect the baby, but the options that are available look much more promising than they did at first.

I have been studying many treatment alternatives. The pregnancy limits those alternatives just as much as it limits standard treatments. We do have access to wonderful information and advice on nutritional support, and we're taking advantage of that. I would appreciate your prayers as we evaluate the information we'll be given this week. The Lord has put us in this place, and I know He knows what is best.

I bet some of you are wondering how I can continue to trust in a God whom I believe arranged this cancer and its complicating factors. That could require a long answer, and maybe sometime I'll try to say more about it. But for now I'll just say this: Everything I understand and control could be contained in a drop of water compared to the ocean of knowledge and power that God has. Also, I have become absolutely convinced of God's love for me (and for all of you too). When those two points of faith are combined, what's left to worry about?


johanna said...

We are so encouraged to read your update. God is good. We are continuing to pray for wisdom as we know you have many decisions ahead of you.
Brian and Johanna

Brandi said...

Just look at the brightside :) this cancer might take whole lot less energy than its gonna take the the two of you to raise 7 wonderful children through their teenage years!!! God just picked one of the strongest women that I have ever known cause he knew if anybody could win against cancer its gonna be you !

Love you bunches...
Oh and I sent a package to you it should be there soon !


Aunt Debbie and Uncle Phil said...

What a sweet testimony! Thank you for your faithfulness to Him in the midst of your trials. We are praying for you. We serve a wonderful God.
Aunt Debbie

Rebecca said...

Praise the Lord for this answer to prayer. We won't stop praying. Thank you for your faithfulness and love for God. You continue to encourage us through your trial.
We love you,
Brian and Rebecca

L said...

God, in His providence, has given you a tremendous platform from which to both praise Him and trust Him with the life of your baby as well as your own life.

You have many significant decisions before you. May He give you wisdom as you wade through the information you have with which to make these decisions.

I have two friends who have some information that you might be interested in. One friend is a cervical cancer survivor. She had her tumor removed surgically and then worked on her body's immune system and function to keep cancer from growing.

Another friend, lost several family members to cancer within a short period of time. He decided to research cancer and has written a book for the average person on alternative ways to prevent, treat and deal with cancer.

If you are interested in any talking with my cancer surviving friend, or my friend who has researched and studied this subject with a book as the outcome, please email me and I will put you in touch with them.

May the Lord guide you, keep you, comfort you and bless you as you walk this path He has set before you.

In Him,
Recording the Faithfulness and Provision of God for Future Generations

Donna said...

Thank you for the update. Been praying for you. God is so good and gracious. Praying for you and the decisions that lie ahead.

Judith said...

What a beautiful testimony you have for our Lord! Our prayers are with you and Jon as you decide the treatment you are going to take.We
know our Lord is the great Physician and He will guide you to the correct treatment for your body. We will continue to pray as you all go through this journey. May our Lord continue to give you peace and guidance through this.

Bonnie said...

Jon and Amy,

Guess what song is going through my head right now? The song we used to sing in Ensemble that Doc had written. "God Answers Prayer" Of course, He answers yes and no but I'm so thankful He chose to answer yes at this time! Still praying for you all and am encouraged by the news!

Love, Bonnie

Aunt Bonnie said...

Jon and Amy,

We were thrilled to wake up this morning to your update. God is so good! Your sweet spirits are a wonderful testimony to all. Love you and will continue to pray for the days ahead.

Jendi said...

Praise the Lord for the good report!

I just had to comment to tell you that your last paragraph is wonderfully said and so true. Now I just need to keep remembering those points.

Suzy said...

Amen! Amen, amen! Thanks so much for the update, and especially for your upbeat testimony.


DJ, "Luke 15:24" said...


It was really encouraging to read your blog and to see the "Greatness of God".

Just gracious spirit and words remind me of a certain verse:

Proverbs 16:24-
"Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body."

God bless you Amy, I am so happy that God answers prayers!!

Love in Christ,
David Jonathan

Anonymous said...

Bless the Lord for His work in and through you during this hot and fiery trial. Thank you for blogging about your journey even though these are things that you might prefer were kept private. We do not know one another on earth but you've been very encouraging by your faith walk which has motivated self examination (not for salvation, Praise the Lord, but as to how I am redeeming the time graciously granted today). Not one of us is guaranteed tomorrow and reading your story as it unfolds and seeing your faith in action is a good reminder of what is important. Hope that makes sense.

One other little "tidbit"...As I read your post last week I saw that you and I share some appointment dates- mine being dental, however. Knowing that you were in your appointment at the same time (or roughly so)provided a good opportunity for prayer for you and your family. We also share another similar date coming up and so I will remember you then as well, Lord willing. You are in my prayers at other times as well but it was neat to me to know that those times/dates seemed to be set aside for me to lift you up with a sort of "built in reminder"

May the Lord grant you wisdom, healing, and grace as He molds you further into His likeness.


thefedssc said...

Praise God for the blessing of this final pathology report. I loved your thoughts in the last paragraph. We have a Great God who is our Great Physician. You continue to be a blessing as you share your heart with us. Our prayers continue on!

Anonymous said...

I am encouraged by your faithful testimony to Our Father's love and mercy to each of us. In spite of all the "good" news, I know that you are still facing a serious battle and we will continue to pray that a strength that is not your own will uphold you and the family.

I didn't see you at the Thanksgiving play - but maybe you snuck in a out - I hope you were able to see the pictures.

God is always good,

Cheryl D. said...

All right, this is a comment from a very indirect connection--my sister got a prayer request from someone at her church. (My sis is the mother of five so far, and we come from a family of seven--we're the only two girls. I'm single.)

Anyway, someone said to be sure you know to check into an ob/gyn oncologist, not an ordinary ob/ probably already know that, but I'm passing it on anyway. (She has worked at a CPC for many years.) She also said they should be able to shield your uterus from radiation.

But the most important thing is that we are praying for you, and many others are too.


Anonymous said...

Your hair cut is lovely, and it does make you look younger.

Aunt Phebe