Monday, December 8, 2008

Passing Time

About a month has passed since my surgery. My arm movement is almost back to normal, although completely straightening it out is still hard. My energy has been flagging very quickly, but that’s improving too. I felt a little guilty for having so much help with laundry, but we’ve realized how necessary it was. Everyone who has helped has been such a blessing.

Thanks to lots of help from my family, we finished the Christmas decorating right after Thanksgiving. The kids hung everything on the tree after my sister carefully strung all the lights on it. It was beautiful. The next morning, it fell over. We cleaned up the broken ornaments and set it back up. It fell again. We cleaned up more broken ornaments, then Jon screwed the stand right down to the floor. I think we’ll be enjoying this tree until February.

I’ve had lots of time to read. Reading has been my absolutely favorite pastime since I was about ten years old reading the Bobsey Twins, Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew. I’ve been tempted to pick up some of those mysteries again. I always seem to be working on several books at once. (That’s because we have several bathrooms.) I recently finished The Valley Is Bright by Dr. Nell Collins, a melanoma survivor; Eleanor of Aquataine, a children’s biography; and Eats, Shoots, and Leaves; the Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation. I bet that last title raised some eyebrows. It’s actually a very fun book. You might enjoy it even if you aren’t a fan of English grammar. I’ve begun to get my feet wet in The World is Flat (don’t raise your eyebrows again – it’s about global economics) by Thomas Friedman and also a children’s book by a Newbery winning author. I won’t mention the title of that one yet – it could turn out to be a stinker. Two of my high school teachers, Mrs. Wynn and Mr. Hallberg, are partly responsible for my reading choices recently. How many of you had teachers who made English and Economics interesting subjects? I’m considering turning this blog into a book review spot. I’m tired of talking about cancer.

We participated in Desi Christmas last Saturday. This is an annual activity our church hosts for the Asian-Indian community in Denver. Desi is the name by which the Asian-Indians refer to themselves. We had a wonderful time. Our Indian friends surrounded us with love and caring. We were able to meet some “blog friends” whom we didn’t know before. Each member of our family had been given traditional clothing from India just for this occasion. The food was delicious, and our friends - Hindu, Christian, and Buddhist - were all a pure pleasure to be with. Jon has been the Indian pastor in our church for about two years now. Everyone there has made us feel very loved.

Thanks, Mike, for taking so many pictures of us lately.


Anonymous said...

Amy, thank you again for your updates. You all remain in my prayers. I had not heard the tale about the tree before. It sounds like something that would happen at my house. Teresa may have told Kristina, but it did not get told to me. That is a nice picture of you and your family. I love you all. Aunt Sarah

dad said...

How deeply grateful I am for my kids and grand kids. God is ALWAYS right, loving, kind, compassionate, in ALL He does and allows. I love you all sooooooooo much.

Dad Bix.

Donna said...

Lovely pics! And I REALLY like the hair--easier to see in this picture. What fun to dress up in Indian clothes!

Uncle Bob said...

Amy you are an absolute scream. I can't believe we've let all these years fly by without driving to Colorado to get to know you better.
Jon, I don't know if you remember Rene and Rosaria Durand from France and Switzerland days-your folks do. Their son is teaching with me in the Institute this week. He pastors in the Paris area. One great guy. He is exactly Daniel's age.

Anyway we are seriously planning on a trip west next year for furlough. And we want to go by Denver, by all means. It is snowing right now madly; we have none of that down south in Bordeaux. So I plan to enjoy. We love the blog and showing your kids to everybody.
Love Uncle Bob

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest. :) I didn't string all the lights on the tree! I had help form you!

Brandi said...

I love the dress! Georgous. Mom always helps me string lights on the tree this year we got so fed up with them Ashley gave it a try and did wonderfully! After Christmas it's off to the sales to find a prelit tree.

Bonnie said...

Amy, I love the new "do"! Very pretty!

I went to church with Nell Collins for a couple of years. She is a neat lady and God has used her in many lives.

Still praying for you, Jon and the kids. At least once a day someone asks me how you are doing and I love being able to tell them how the Lord is working in this situation.

Love to all of you!

Rachel said...

You look beautiful in your desi attire and with your new hairstyle. You have a lovely glow! God is so good. People at my church continue to ask about you and I always appreciate their caring.
Love to you, with prayers for each one of you, Aunt Rachel :)

Sheri said...

Amy, we continue to pray many times throughout each day for each member of your family! The new pictures are gorgeous! I love the new hairdo! We miss you guys! What a blessing you are as you truly reflect God's peace! We love you!

Donna said...

Did my dad just call someone a "scream"?! LOL.:-)

christine said...

Hi Amy (and family)
I'm Christine from Singapore, and am on student exchange in North Carolina, Chapel Hill. I got to know your blog through the church I attend.
I've been encouraged by your blog. Thank God for sustaining you thus far, and I am certain that this is part of His plan.
What made me sit up was the books you mentioned. I am an Economics major and English Language minor and so some of the books are somewhat familiar to me. A suggestion for future reading - 'Freakonomics'!

thefedssc said...

You look great, Amy (especially your new hair cut), and I love the picture of your family. Glad your tree is finally sturdy. You keep us laughing with your posts!
I'll be praying as you start your chemo next week. I had the same 2 drugs they're giving you. You continue to be a blessing to me.