Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chemo #5

The last treatment for a couple of months is done! Just knowing chemo is done for awhile makes me feel pretty good. It's gone so much better than it could have, but I'm still glad to have a break. Chemo will probably resume in June. Meanwhile, we just wait for the baby to reach 34 weeks. The delivery is penciled in for May 11. About a month before that date, it will be confirmed with the operating room and written in stone. I will be having a c-section. No more doctor's appointments are scheduled for three whole weeks.

The weather has been beautiful this weekend, and I'm getting the garage sale itch something terrible. I hope not to give that up this summer.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad for the good news. Will share it in SS in the morning, but we continue to pray for you and the baby-- and all the family. May His grace sustain you all.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you will get a rest from the chemo for a little while until after your son arrives. I am continuing to pray for you. I love you. Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

Amy, Glad at least 1 part of the treatments are done. Not too long to wait for the new little guy as time goes so fast!!! And, if I know you at all, garage sales will be on the top of your list!!!

Love you all and still praying. This blog makes it easy to keep up with you. You know how hard it would be for me to pick up the phone and actually talk to you!! Do they still do that??!!

Love, Sherry

Rhonae said...

Glad you will be getting a break from the chemo. God is good and we are thankful for him bringing you to this point! Will pray the little baby grows and will pray for a healthy deliver. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep us posted. It really helps me pray more specific for you.

Anonymous said...

We're so happy that the last of the treatments are done for now~
now you all can await for the birth
of your son~may this time of rest from chemo be a blessed time for you and yours~we are PTL for how He
has carried you thus far~May you have a wonderful time with the children now~we are praying for all
of you~
The John White's from HPBC

thefedssc said...

What a gift - 3 weeks without appointments. I know how exciting that is. You've been a trooper. Continuing to pray as you prepare for your little one to arrive.