Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yesterday, the ladies from my church gave me a baby shower. It was fun and a blessing. I mentioned way back at the beginning of the blog that we got rid of all our baby stuff three years ago. But now we're just about set again. After having six kids, I have become a minimalist. I guess I've spent more time thinking about what we don't need this time around than about what we do. I think we're just about ready for the little guy to get here. May 11 is seven weeks from tomorrow. It's nice to have a fairly solid time frame this time. With the others, by the time week 42 approached, I began to wonder if I was really pregnant or if this was all just a joke.

I've been told I'll probably have a pretty good crop of hair coming back by the time the baby comes. But it will all come out again when chemo resumes. Someone commented yesterday that when her sister had cancer, she learned not to complain about having to fix her hair, because at least she had hair to fix. Just for the record, there is something very nice about not having to fix my hair. I only wear a wig occasionally because it takes longer to fix than I like, and it messes up easily. But I am looking forward to having the real thing again.


Jendi said...

A theory I have observed:
The more children a mother has - the less "stuff" the mother needs.

So, how much shorter are your showers without hair?

Anonymous said...

Heading out to SS and we'll be praying for you together.
Deut. 33:25
"As thy days, so shall thy strength be also"
Stay encouraged in the Lord.

Cathy said...

Dear Amy,
I just heard about your trial. I'll be praying for you and yours.
Cathy Kanz