Monday, March 2, 2009

Test Results

We went to the high risk OB's today - another good ultrasound. The baby's growth remains right on track. We even got to find out how much he weighs right now - 1.6 pounds.

At the oncologist's office, we got the results to four tests - gene testing, echo cardiogram, CT scan, and routine blood tests.

gene testing - No gene mutations. This means my sister and daughters can breath a limited sigh of relief. Limited because, evidently, no one is immune to cancer. But at least they don't seem to be predisposed to it. It also means I don't have to have a hysterectomy to prevent other common cancers.

echo cardiogram - 55% ejection fraction. That means that with each beat, my heart is ejecting 55% of the blood it takes in. That's not a great number. The oncologist said that after this next round of chemo (which is now officially scheduled) I probably will not have any more before Baby comes or that fraction could drop lower. Normal/healthy is considered to be between 55% and 75%.

CT scan - No tumors or obvious developing cancers. There were some unclassified spots on my liver and in my bones, but those could have any of several causes, only one of which is more cancer. The overall report was positive. The radiologist did not think the areas in question had a high likelihood of being cancer, but metastasis couldn't be completely ruled out. The oncologist said the CT report will not change anything in my treatment plan. She assured me that everyone who has a CT scan has small abnormalities show up since the scan is so sensitive.

It was interesting to hear about other "small abnormalities". My upper lungs have scar tissue - I wonder where that came from? If I grew up in the Midwest, it would be considered normal since most people from there breath in some kind of soil spore that causes scar tissue. But I grew up in South Carolina. My lower lungs are flat-ish from not breathing deeply enough. (Jog harder, yell louder.)

blood tests - Still anemic, but not as badly as expected after the last tests. I have felt much better since chemo #4 than after chemo #3, so the oncologist decided not to do a blood transfusion at this point.

The approximate date for our little boy's birth seems to be settling around 34 weeks - around Mother's Day. This is two weeks later than we thought it would be last month. The results of the tests were good enough to allow his lungs to develop on their own without rushing things any more than that. My parents bought tickets last month to come out here based on the information we had then. Now it looks like they will miss the little guy's birth by a few days. They are going to check on what their airline will do for them.

Many people have asked about names for the baby. We haven't picked one out. We read Bruce Lansky's Mother of All Baby Name Books; Over 94,000 Baby Names Complete with Meanings, and the only six names we agreed on were the ones we've already used. I guess we'll just have to duke this one out. Stay tuned to see who wins.


Aunt Bonnie said...

Thanks for the update, Amy. It really helps to understand the situation better. Our church people always ask what is new. They pray for you faithfully.
As do we!
Lots of love,

Mom Bixby said...

Very good update. That makes it all so much clearer in our minds (Jon did a good job on the phone, but it helps to see it written). Enjoy your sun while we have the snow!
We love you and continue to pray earnestly.

Anonymous said...

Jon and Amy,
So glad to hear the good report. We are continuing to pray for your health, the baby's development, and the children's adaptation to these constant changes. Most of all for God's supernatural peace in your hearts. (John 14:27) We love you all.

Mike and Stephanie and family

Anonymous said...

We pray for you every Sunday in your Grandma's SS class. I pray for you daily and am so thankful for all the good reports, especially that you won't need a blood transfusion. Continuing to pray for His special grace and peace for you.

ddurrill said...

I vote with Jon - Jedediah is one of my favorites (I know a YOUNG Jed personally!). I couldn't convince my husband of that one, so good luck to you Jon. =)

Anonymous said...

The results sound very encouraging! Isn't our medical technology something that they can look at so many parts of our bodies and see so much!!! But just think of all the things they can't see or know and our God knows it all!!!

We are still praying for you and love you all, Bob & Sherry

Siberians said...

So glad to hear the report! We're praying and we all send big hugs and kisses to you, Jon and all the kids. Our kids would really like to be there to play with their cousins. Christina has a doll named Nathan because she likes her cousin Nathan! (It is actually a girl doll but she pretends it is a boy.) Jess

Anonymous said...

Amy, you are so good at explaining things in your updates. Thank you. You are in my prayers daily. Hey! Are you taking suggestions for baby names? You know when Sabrina was born Uncle Nathan came up with some doozies for her. We could get him involved in the selection process. ;-) AND although we had some complaints because we named her "Sabrina," people just did not understand what I was able to KEEP her from being named .... Dimples .... Sugar and Spice .... I can't remember all of them right now, but I have the 3x5 card in her baby book with them listed in his handwriting. That is actually where Bina got the name for the dog she was given one year for Valentine's. Nathan's Dad suggested "Carolyn" for her (Sabrina, not the dog), and trying to respectfully consider his offering, I asked him if that was a special name to him and he replied that it was not, but after what we named Kristina he wanted to suggest a sensible name. Thankfully, after all these years Kristina is very happy with her name. Sabrina is happy with hers too. Jeremy??? Well, he likes his so much he decided to pass his on to the next generation. I love you, Amy, and wish you luck with finding the right name for your little one. Aunt Sarah.