Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day Gone Awry

I was hoping to get several projects done this weekend since it's the last chance before radiation begins. But Gilead was obviously developing a cold by Thursday evening and after being up much of the night with him, we decided a visit to the doctor's was necessary. Friday morning the doctor examined him and sent us to the hospital since he was preemie and is still pretty little. After several hours of monitoring him, the doctors at Children's Hospital decided his lungs are strong enough now to handle this cold on his own without any medication or extra support. They sent us home late in the afternoon with instructions about what to watch for, but also with a lot of encouragement that Gilead has developed very well over the past few weeks.

As I was driving home on I-25, I was rear ended by another (thankfully smaller) SUV. We were driving about 60 mph in heavy traffic - obviously he was going a little faster - so the accident could have been deadly. I was very rattled, but there was only minor damage to both of our cars, and both of us drivers were well aware of what we had just been spared. He was very polite and honest. It looks like all the insurance stuff will go pretty smoothly.

So at the end of the day, although none the planned projects had been completed and I was tired, we certainly had some blessings to count. Gilead's lungs are strong, our car still runs fine, and Gilead and I are alive and well.


Heather Shehan Currie said...

I am happy that Gilead is doing better and growing stronger each day, and am thankful that you and Gilead are fine after the accident. Will continue to pray for you and Gilead.

Siberians said...

Praise the Lord for His protection over us. I know what that feels like! Glad to here that Gilead is strong and growing. Praying for ALL of you. Lots of love from the whole clan! I just sent my 3 older ones off to camp an hour ago. It will be a quiet week. Hopefully I will get a lot of projects done as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Amy! What a beautiful account of God's protection for you. Isn't He just amazing? I am so thankful that you are both fine after the accident. Please know that you are in our prayers daily...for strength, peace, wisdom, and God's grace to be evidentin your lives. Give everyone there a hug from us. Love, Mike, Steph, & co. :)

The Jolly Beggar said...
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The Jolly Beggar said...
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The Jolly Beggar said...
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The Jolly Beggar said...


I happened across your path quite by chance. I do not know you but I believe we're family under our Father God. I believe my purpose tonight is to tell you to obtain a copy of the book "When God and Cancer Meet". You may already have it, if not, you might want to get it. see:

When God and Cancer meet- (our faith facilitates that meeting) you live and the cancer dies. I personally believe no sickness or disease can abide in his presence.

Also- claim the covenant protection of the 91st psalm from every form of sickness and disease.

God Bless You-


Brandi said...

Very thankful the two of you are ok! Hope the baby is feeling better and that all goes wonderfully after this treatment! Love you bunches.

Anonymous said...

We praise the Lord for protecting all of you! We are praying for you as you begin this new chapter in your lives, involving the radiation schedule. We love you, and we missed you on Sunday - we are so thankful you are OK!
Ruth Bustamante

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for answered prayer. We were so thrilled to hear the wonderful news.
Glad you are getting back into the routine of things and we will keep you on our prayer list.
Ken and Dee