Monday, July 27, 2009

The PET scan is done, and we will get the results as early as Thursday from my radiation oncologist. Since the medical oncologist ordered the scan, protocol may require that she be the one who gives me the results, and I'll see her on Friday.

Jon got up very early to fix me an omelet and bacon, so I started out with a good breakfast. The rest of the time before the scan went well without my being uncomfortably hungry. At the imaging office I found out why I had to fast. Cancer cells demand lots of sugar to multiply as fast as they do, so the goal was to get any remaining cancer cells good and hungry so they would quickly consume the radioactive sugar that was injected into me. That also explains why I could not eat carbs. The scan then allows the docs to see if there are areas where the sugar is being required at unusual levels.

The office provided a bag of snacks and bottled water so I didn't have to make an emergency stop for fries and a milkshake. Besides, after learning what I did about sugar today, I think I'll stay away from that. (I was trying to anyway.) I'd been told before that sugar encourages cancer, but until today no one explained why. I've also been told that cancer is encouraged by avocados, boxed food, tap water, bottled water, cell phones, steak, cheese, antioxidant supplements, radiation, chemotherapy, and yams.


Rachel in VA said...

Thank you for the update, though I am sure at times you don't feel up to doing it. I have had you much on my mind and heart today, knowing the PET scan was taking place. Let's see -- What else do we need to stay away from? :) I love you, girl. Found channel 9 news online, and saw one clip, though not yours. Yes, would like very much to see it.
Aunt Rachel :)

Suzy said...

Still reading your updates and praying!!!! Anxiously awaiting the scan update.

And eww! Ok that's enough information for anybody to put down the candy bar! I guess if that's the case, there really is something in the diets people use to try to slow down or stop cancer growth. Hm.

Keep up the fight!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your update, Amy! THey always provide so much encouragement to keep praying! I am so glad the scan went smoothly, and thanks for sharing what you learned about sugar! It sure is helpful to have a real doctor's explanation about some things. It carries so much more weight than a circulating email warning about one thing or another! You and your family are daily in our prayers. We are also praying for the Channel 9 News Team as they assemble your story.
Ruth Bustamante