Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I've needed 2 more Neupagen shots since Monday, but finally today my white blood cell count rose to a healthier level. I also began feeling significantly better today, although I'm still very tired. My wbc's dropped low enough that I needed 3 days of IV antibiotics to prevent the onset of bacterial infections. I sure hope this does not become an ongoing problem and would appreciate your prayers concerning that.

If you want to know more about the kind of chemo treatment I'm receiving, click here. I do have a word of caution before you read this site's explanation. There is a glowing report that a patient can receive this therapy with little or no side effects. You might begin to wonder what went wrong in my case. If someone has never received any chemotherapy before, the lack of side effects from IPT therapy is remarkable. But most of us who are seeking out such non-conventional therapy are doing so because we've already had standard therapies and the cancer has returned. So most of us do have side effects similar to those we had with our standard treatments. They are usually delayed and often less severe, but those effects are still there.

IPT therapy is only one of the many therapies I do on a weekly basis. To answer the questions of several folks, the diet I am doing is very similar to that used in the Gerson therapy. The common thread through almost all alternative cancer treatments is a mostly raw, vegetarian or vegan diet. When my doctor was asked this week by a fellow patient why he uses any type of chemo at all, he explained that most of the patients he deals with (reccurrent stage IV cancer patients) do not have the time left to them to deal with their cancers with diet alone. So he attempts to stop the aggressive cancer growth with IPT, and then rebuild healthy cells with the other therapies, including the raw diet. And I am thankful to the Lord, that so far, this approach is showing success for me.


Siberians said...

PTL! So glad to hear of your seeming improvement. We will continue to pray that you will not have any more problems because of the cold. Thank you for the update.

Heather Shehan Currie said...

Will continue to pray for you! Am glad that things are going better and that you are feeling better. Thanks again for sharing and keeping us all informed!

Cynthia said...

I was so glad to see your post tonight! You are, as always, in our prayers.

With much love,

Cousin Cynthia

Suzy said...

I am always checking for new updates...a few weeks ago I did indeed do a lot of reading on the Oasis you are at plus the diets...sounds amazing, and its too bad that its not the FIRST line of defense for people instead of the last....I'm not really a huge "natural" person but the stats on this treatment seems too much for traditional drs to keep avoiding. Anyway...sooo happy its working for you...I know you don't know me at all but I've been following your story almost since diagnosis...praying and pulling for ya!